Fast build by some player

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: UE #Official server 1001

We play on this server since few months ago my friends and I. I had seen many strange things. Some players build very fast with 333 hours on this server i know the time to farm and have the ressources to build wall in black ice for example. So how can you explain long and big structure in T4 who straight out of the ground like a mushroom sometimes in one night. When you know the time of farming, the time for the ressources to spawn when they was farm the first time. If you calculate the time to go on the spot of ressources, go back on the base to build all is needed i think it’s not possible. So my question is. Have you got any anti cheat code ? Do you check if some player are able to build more faster or take ressources by an another way. I think that because my map build on i6 disapear without any instructions in the notepad of the game.

Thank you to check this to keep enjoy with your game

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How “fast” are you sayung they are building exactly?

I most often play with friends on official servers, and we jump around the PvP ones to keep things fresh.

We usulay have our base fully built in black ice on the 1st day we join the server. If you know what you are doing and the most efficient ways to level & farm, farming materials for a black ice base should only take you a few hours at most, 1-2 hours if you have a few people each focusing on farming each seperate resource.


I usually carefully plan my buildings and make all the blocks and components before time. It only takes me a few minutes to build amazingly complex and large structures starting with an empty piece of land.


If you are using the Battlemetrics website to tell you how many hours someone has played then don’t. It is not accurate in my experience.


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