Fast elevators available or not?

I’ve used over 100+ fragments of power and still have not gotten then elevators what’s the deal with them are they available for ps5/ console players. I never can find a answer.

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They aren’t implemented in the library yet. At least not in the official servers.

I also spent about a hundred fragments before realizing the parity patch wasn’t paired at all.

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Can they be spawned in offline or private server?

Then why would they put it in the patch notes saying it’s available? So I wasted actually over 150 now that I’m looking… SMH

The schematic can be spawned from the admin panel, yes. I haven’t used it yet as the base I would have upgraded with fast elevators… is now in a no build zone XD
I don’t think it’s been added to any drip tables yet tho. Then again, with the alteration to the loot tables throughout the city of red sands… who knows?

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It looks like you can spawn them in via admin panel only. From the Xbone forums:

Playing Conan Exiles feels like being in the steamed hams meme. Except it’s Funcom coming out with a tray of some weird mutant console patch and telling you this is exactly like the PC version.

Speaking of which. The new title menu music is weird. It doesn’t sound like Conan, it sounds like a Christopher Nolan Batman movie. Did someone put Dune music by accident in the Conan folder?


Just trying to find what benches do what is interesting. I bet functional fast elevator does not show up till Sipath.

Wow I can’t believe that they are on non pvp but aren’t om pvp like how stupid is this. This games gotta get their stuff together man. I wasted 150 fragments because of this FUNCOM you feel like replacing them since you don’t know how to clarify anything.

Well at least I can say it wasn’t my luck.

It’s not that their on pvp only. They aren’t on ANY of the official servers. If you own a private server or play single player and give yourself access to the admin panel you can spawn them in.


there are faster elevators on consoles, but as mentioned only on single players or private servers.

here again the link to my video:

(from min. 2:22)

Hey there,

There’s a confirmed issue about Fast Elevators not being available on the Library of Esoteric Knowledge in the Exiled Lands. We’re looking into this and it will be corrected in a future patch.
Sorry for the confusion.


Would you guys like to hop on my server and replace the 100 fragments that I wasted and take forever to collect especially now.

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Not going to happen they don’t offer that level of support on their free to play servers that don’t have admins.

It actually is like the pc 2.3 bc it was bugged on there aswell and got fixed in a 2.3.1 hotfix

They are not available on any server at the moment

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