Fast Travel and Corruption

Ive seen a few posts about these but here are my thoughts (as at leas one completely differs from the others lol)

-Corruption: Isle of siptah needs a ton more. There are potions, a sigil and an entire designation of thralls dedicated to removing Corruption. Why then is there a grand total of like one place on the entire map where you even GET corruption. I would say in the cities of the undead, in the vaults etc. Would make entertainers and the potions/sigils a lot more useful.

-Fast Travel: I get that some people DONT want it and that’s fine. But if it’s added…you wouldn’t have to use it. So…yeah. I would suggest something similar to the map room but not as large…that thing was a pita to place lol. Instead of the standard obolisks, maybe each player/clan gets a limit of placeable items that has a cooldown? Say, maybe 30 min cooldown and 2 placeables? That way you COULD have 2 bases set up that you could go between. I don’t always have a lot of time to play, so the idea of spending 30-40 min in travel kinda sucks lol.


The reasons why people don’t want it are almost never mitigated by “you don’t have to use it”. But there are other ways to mitigate them, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

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Being a console player Im yet to play Siptah. But that does dound underutilised. Agree.

God I cant agree strongly enough with this. I generally only get to play on weekends, and to me that 30-40 minutes can represent up to 50% of my total play time for that day, sometimes the entirety of it! I want to spend my time productively and wisely, actually playing the game; not just walking from one side of the map to the other so that I can drop a bunch of items off in a chest before I continue.

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