Map Rooms and Sorcery

Map Rooms should require corruption to use. The further you wish to travel through them the more corruption it should require. Obviously the ability to teleport would be considered a sorcerous act, and as such would require one to be corrupted within the setting.

Also, since the waypoint obelisks all cause one to become corrupted when near them it seems like this was initially intended anyways and may have been an oversight with their implementation.

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I concur the idea, but instead requiring corruption, the maproom itself should have a corruption aura like the obelisks, thus making more sense for the use being part of sorcery, and more dangerous to have inside bases and “safe places”.


I really like this idea. It adds a bit of ‘danger’ or ‘consequence’ to using or being near map rooms, and increases the benefit of having the dancers around.

It also makes sense in terms of the world/physics/story(?), because in theory, those ‘mini obelisks’ extending from the map rooms (the ones that you use to teleport) should give off some corruption if they’re using the same sort of sorcery.


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First, this comes across as just another pain-in-the-■■■ mechanic that people are going to complain about. Nobody is going to want corruption fields in their bases.

Second, the obelisks in game, as far as I remember from reading, were given corruption auras because jerks were camping at them and griefing people when they were teleporting to them.

Third, the Map Room and Obelisks in game work with the bracelets to teleport you. They were designed to teleport useful slaves from one point to another within the Exiled Lands. Adding a corruption requirement now would mean that every slave then would have to have been some type of sorcery.

Making it sound as if sorcery is so commonplace that everyone has access to it. Which doesn’t make sense.

The Map Room and Obelisks were a tool, they functioned on their own, without any direct need from the slaves that were being transported. So applying a corruption “requirement” for that wouldn’t make sense.

It’s essentially the same thing as saying someone in the real world needs a special power to whack something with a hammer, or pull a trigger to fire a gun, or to be able to understand how to turn on a television or radio.

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Work tech support for at least a year and you’ll begin to wonder about that last one. :wink:


For Map room what about having Crystals that absorbs Corruption making it a Soul gem. And in order to fill up soul gem… you have to be near corruptions to fill up and then once you have a filled soul gem you can use it to teleport to an obelisk. Or have it be able to use from obelisk to your map room. Thus would be best of both world. First the corruption as a source but not a generator of corruption. And making you travel to explore /or being able to sell soul gem to other players. I think this would tie in very nicely and would make running those place.

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You say that like it’s not a completely made up system that could just as easily be altered to accommodate OP’s suggestion.

There’s no story reason this shouldn’t work - if obelisks have corruption, there’s no reason to think a map room that uses corrupted stone and has links to those obelisks can’t have any corruption either. Also the map room emits sounds like the obelisk areas do, so I think you could argue they could share corruption, too (but not as much, since they’re teeny).

The only real change would be people adding dancers near map rooms, and a lot of people do this already.

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