Fastes rare trophies?


Best, fastest way to get rare trophies for faction gear?


Join group dungeons, and do the solo dungeons for rares everyday. If you get a consistent group, they flow quick.


Wyrm and Fort are probably the best places to farm with a decent group, instantly resettable and you get about 9 rare trophies and they take 15 mins or so if you’re not wiping.

Tian gives a lot but it’s not instantly resettable.


Probably Ardashir Fort. Resetable, fast, 10 rare Trophies per HM run, a lot of AA EXP and you can save 196 rare Trophies if you manage to get the helmet. I was able to get around 600 rare Trophies from there in just one week because I wanted that helmet (it stll didn’t drop once but I was able to just buy a faction helmet with so many Trophies anyways).


Thank y’all very much. If I only had a short time, not enough to get a group, what are the best solo areas? Apostate, ape island, …?

Thanks again.


Depending how efficient you are, the vanaheim run both easy and hardmode drops rares. I think it’s 2 for easy mode and an additional 4 maybe for hardmode.
Of course you can do this solo or with up to 3 people.


The easiest way is Dead Man’s Hand + Isle of Iron Statues.

On Dead Man’s Hand you can kind of skip most trash mobs if you know how to reset them, you can easily do this instance in ~15 Minutes and get 3 rare trophies, then quickly enter the other instance (Isle of Iron Statues) and do the time run (if you know all the shortcuts, don’t kill many trash mobs and skip the one useless boss with the boars you can be extremely fast), Assassins can do this one in ~5 minutes, other classes at around ~8 minutes. If you manage to do the time run you get 4 - 5 rares, with the other instance combined you can get 7 - 8 rares in just about 25 minutes which is fairly quick and a lot for solo farming since most of the time you are just running and avoiding trash mobs.

All other solo instances are kinda useless in my opinion, they either take too long to finish (when compared to the ones above), drop fewer rares or are too far away from each other (like you need to teleport to Kara Korum for Refuge of the Apostate, then ride there and afterwards teleport somewhere else to do another solo dungeon). Dead Man’s Hand and Isle of Iron Statues are right next to each other.

However, to do it that quickly you probably need some training first, if you do these for the first time they might take some time but after like 2 or 3 runs you probably know what to do and can beat both of them in ~25 minutes.