Fatal Error Game Crash

Well I thought I would start a new single player game on the isle of siptah , I haven’t played for a while. I made it to level 20 and was heading to the east way shrine to find a Foul, it started to storm so I contemplated weather to go in or not, so I’m standing on the edge of the storm and decide to run in and grab a foul and leave, but the moment I actually enter the storm “Fatal Error” game crashed. So I send the report like I always do many many times and restart my game. Tried it again and same thing over and over again. If it isn’t one thing its another. I’ve been playing this game since beta and have all the DLC’s, I don’t use MOD’s and my computer exceeds all the system requirements. In the 2700hr I’ve played this game I cant even remember how many times I’ve started over, and I always at some point run into a game breaking bug, this game feels like its in a perpetual BETA state, never to be concluded. what the hell is going on?

well, its defiantly something to do with the storm. I waited it out and was able to go in with out it crashing. we’ll see what happens on the next storm.

Just to be sure: you are on the testlive version?

Hey @DustinSouls

As Testerle points out, could you let us know if you are experiencing this issue on the 2.3 Testlive build?

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