Feat/Perk Input - A lot of good and some outright bad

The reformatting of the skills system is a welcome addition to Conan exiles, most of the trees feel like they have a place in both regular and corrupted variants that add diversity to builds / add needed decisions to those trees. There are, at present, two exceptions to these that are just plainly bad.

The grit trait Stout - which competes with the 25% increased stamina regeneration feat.


The Expertise trait Structural Integrity - Which competes with beast of burden/normal movement when encumbered.

A suggestion to fix these traits -

For Stout, have the feat add total stamina to armor regardless of if it is drained or not. It now competes with the 25% increased stamina regeneration and would see some use in pvp.

For Structural Integrity, an end of tree perk - Adding a cost reduction to building of 50% along with the structure integrity increase of 25% would make it compete with beast of burden, as it is there are more ways to work around integrity issues than there are with weight. You now have to chose between building needs or weight needs.

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Well, I won’t disagree that Stout is a load of putrid meat in your cookfire, so-to-speak.

As is, it seems very much like a wasted perk.

Building is too cheap , Bad idea

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