Feature Request: Swim with your pets. interact/pet your dog

Hello, Funcom. I think it would be super cool if you could swim with your dog. Nothing beats swimming with your dog together in the cool river under the sun, chilling, like two best pals.

In the same spirit, I think having some interaction options with your dog would be dope. Petting its head, make it play dead, rub its belly, give it treats, ask it to sit… It would be so very wonderful.

Please consider this humble request. I look forward to play with my best pal in the Exile Land or Siptah. Thank you so much!


I’m definitely onboard with this idea. Even if it’s just a few emotes or something similar that would still be fun. Always stopped and petted the cats in AC: Origins.

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Am all for anything that brings me one step closer to a turtle mount.

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