Pet Specific Emote(s)

What I mean is being able to pet your thrall pets. I don’t have much else to say about that, but if anyone has any suggestions, that’d be great.
I just think it’d be a neat mechanic to have. It could be just for the fun of it, or it can cause benefits too. And they can react to being pet or whatever else it may be. I thought I’d like to throw this out there. :v:t3:


Look, if I can’t bury my face in my big kitty’s fur or scratch its big fuzzy cheeks then what are we even doing here.


Petting my big kitty would require some stamina from me but it would put some useful buff on both of us. Look at a hunter and his pet in World of Warcraft - pet of a Beastmaster is his/her main and terrible weapon. It’s too complex mechanics for CE, but we petlovers can have just some buff.

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