Feedback and Problems

I played the game for several months after start and played again when the Frozen north was realsed
I look forward to playing the game when the game gets out of early access, but untill then you wont see me.
Problems i ran into:

  1. Server being reset several times a month.
  2. Grinding for ever.
  3. The game isn’t noob friendly .
  4. No storyline?
  5. Updates adding nothing special/new.
  6. Combat.
    7.The create your own server button


  1. I understand this might just be because of early acces but DONT you ever do this after launch.
  2. It feels like the whole game is a big grind and no one likes grinding for too long.
  3. Do i have to explain this? Seriously, how would you be able to play this game without a wiki?
  4. I came across multiple things that looked like it was something from a storyline, but i couldn’t find a real storyline with a beginning and an end. I know its an openworld game but openworld games have storys too
  5. The last big update when i was playing the game was the trebuchet. With the trebuchets mounts were annouced too but where are they now? I know the frozen north was realsed but it felt more like the same.
  6. I know what you are thinking. How can combat be a problem? Well try this game even Minecraft pvp is more enyoyable than this.
  7. Adding a create your own server button that links to a site (wich is clearly sponsoring CE) where u can rent a server is not a good thing just look how other succesful games handle servers. (I think this your just draining your money with official servers while all servers should be player ones, make creating a server easy)

May I leave my opinions?

  1. If people complain too much because of hackers, griefers or just because there is no place left anymore, I think Funcom might want to do these resets. Also I think some seasonlike resets could keep the server running?
  2. Thats the core of survival. At least I think it is.
  3. Thats a sandbox for you. Imagine Skyrim with dozens of different plants and stuff, where you will want to combine stuff until you know everything. No it is not noobfriendly. And by that peek I got today/yesterday with that brand new crashy patch it looks really cool and its a little bit on top of live version, regarding difficulty. The only nasty things are constant crashes plus that bow nerf into nonexistance. Really. Even fistfighting deals more dmg than first bow+ammo - which is really sad and a punch in the face of every archer. Everything else looks really, really cool! (Yes, a stone/iron sickle is missing…)
  4. I never read CE being some kind of roleplay game. I can understand you in a way, but I dont think questgivers or something alike would actually work in here. I would like if the journey was expanded to also let one review what one heard. Or some playlist with every interactable story thing having been touched. I really look forward to a fixed journal, when even the former sessions archievements are still shown.
  5. Depends on what you want. Combined with 6) you can totally look forward to the next big patch as it not only covers a really neat rework of combat (if only I loved melee instead of archery) but quite a few new buildings, armor, neutral city with coin exchange (at least we can smelt them?) … it’s quite something I think.
    But since you seem to dislike 1+3, better wait for that patch to get pushed out to live. Way too unstable right now. Crashes (eighter server or if SP, whole game) happening every few minutes. Getting in some big camp might be a bad idea right now. :wink:

Thank you for your opinion but i have never seen hackers or girefers and if there is no place left anymore thats a server problem not a reason to whipe every server. Offcourse a bit of a grind is needed but conan exiles has to much of a grind. I played Ark thats a game just like CE but it tells you how to make your stuff. If you are going to scatter all these story parts across the map but do not have a red line, then just remove the story parts. (i did’nt meant i wanted quests or roleplay.) Im going to wait for the new update, but if it doesn’t add much i will abandon the game. (Can you leave your opinion on the new problem i added?)

Just the way we like it. There is NO grind, you are just living and making due with what you find. Unlike a WoW grind where you do the same thing over, and over, and over again.
We dont have that problem here, we do what we want, when we want. I never do the same thing everyday.

The world of Conan is NEVER gonna be noob friendly, guess you never played AoC. It was rather nasty too. Ut had a story, sure glad they figured out what gamers want.

nope, no story at all, just do what you want to do. This was the same concept that Star Wars Galaxies did. In fact a lot of this is right out of the pre-NGE play book.
SWG was the hot game of its time. WoW smashed it because the promotion company SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) kept changing the game every two year, and went from millions of players, to hundreds. We put up with the first 4 years of changing the game to get the WoW 18-25 year old crowd.
When we went to the last SWG con in 2006, 80% of the players there were over 40.
SOE flat told us they we were not the demographic they were after, so ALL of us left.

We figured the glory days of MMOing were over. Well we were wrong. Conan Exiles is all that, hand made for us older folk, not rinse and repeat youngins.
Ive already gotten 3 of our old SWG group to join Conan Exiles, and more will come.

Because no one is holding or hand, nor telling us what to do.
Keep up the good work Funcom.


Hm. Yes, serverwipes should be limited to the actually bothered servers. I agree on that.

Did I understand correctly? You prefer to have only private servers?
My opinion on that? I prefer official servers over private ones. Just take that testlive server I joined yesterday. Due to the patch the owner wiped everything, and wiped everything again midday.

I can imagine G-Portal having sponsored CE because of trying to get a stable number of clients - or better: getting more clients. On the opposite they can host some not too good (but not worst) servers as official ones and wont even have to look after them.

I think those survival games are eighter meant to be played with your friends or completely random people.
Private servers are more like pro friends/clan, while officials leave more neutral room to get to know some other players. This is probably a reason why they did that button? Or maybe Funcom got some discount on those official servers for that button? :joy: (I wouldnt mind though. I dont have to pay monthly and those servers need to be kept up and good shape. A little ad can be good at those times.)

Also its good that you never encountered griefers.
There have been stories about walls to hinder newbies to get out of starting desert the whole way from left to right. (Which was probably the reason Funcom pushed climbing that fast back then?)
Also when people claim to be playing PvP but wont be in for fair fights, only for one sided fights… And then take everything the weaker one had from them. (Them checking the whole newbie river for new victims.) As I myself like the rather sneaky fighting styles, those are still not too assassin-like when stumbling across some hostile player.

Though I will still refuse to call CE some massive multiplayer online game. If anything, “MO” -> Multiplayer Online. “Massives” starts for me with at least 100 players clashing into each other. Aion was one other example, where maybe up to 400 guys could be on that map, lagging each other to death. … or crashing the server.

About the storything. I didnt think too much about it until now but… We already got the whole travel of Braga in those books and now he is idling around in north. Conan was said to be sitting in some bar in that neutral town. (Sorry, have been too busy being salty about archery to go and check that out. And too busy waiting for server to get up from crash again.)

What you @Hyborian_Jones wrote about “older folks”… It makes sense. I got into a party of 3, where 2 are rather old as well. (I think both over 50? Or one over 40, one over 50.) I wonder if I actually am such a spoiled joungster as well. :joy:

Sidenote- SWG was my first love.

I don’t think the game is grindy at all. You do what you want when you want it and you move at your own pace. Everything you do gives you experience and moves you forward. This is the point of a survival game - you explore, find materials to build shelter and improve your gear to survive. There are no quests, dailies, requirements to advance. Everything is pretty straight forward.

At the beginning the game is not noob friendly, yes, but you learn how to bounce around unfriendlies fairly quickly and it becomes alright.


/Concur 100%

They need to think bigger