A brief week of frustration

Just restarted playing this game, it really had potential, but is just kinda pointless by the looks of the current 2 clans that are battling. Im still leveliing, but the server lags and crashes sooo much due to exploits others are using, one guy is even streaming using his exploits that it’s kinda sad.
After looking through these forums, it seems all to plentiful of exploits.
Kinda relieved I didn’t dedicate too much time on my return… was tempted to buy expansions, but its not worth it.
How do you guys invest soo much time in a game that has no exploit control ?
PVP official server #1312 .


Exploits are just one issue. If this game has taught me anything, it’s to thoroughly research a game and the dev before paying and never get another game in early access. This was my first and last. Early access gives developers a path to put out substandard products and still get paid without consequences. Gamers really need to slam that door shut and stop buying early access games.
You and I both should have done more reading.

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It has it’s share of problems, sure. But it also has really interesting lore, the best building mechanics of any of these type games I play, and consistent added content and DLC options. Sure, the official PVP servers can suck. But there are tons of them, so if one sucks you find another. Or, you play PVE, or Solo play.

Without going super long, the game has issues, absolutely. Lots of them. But it isn’t really a good example of ‘never give money to EA games’, and it has a lot of really good things going for it.

I agree, I like the game, I enjoy the building and the mechanics, there is alot to like. Ive done the solo/pve part. However alot of gamers do not have endless hours of their life to spend server hoping and levelling a charactor , just so another gamer can waste their time in exploits not designed into the game. I purchased the game for PVP survival “as advertised” . The server I choose, and I have a tried a few and levelled was fine untill this clan started to exploit with no repercussions…

Sever is currently completely lagged out as can be seen in stream…

Yes this is a frustration post…let me air my complaints :slight_smile:

I play on pve c. I can go out and slay, and 90% of the time, the server is polite about territory, building or blocking places, so the immersion is there.

I did my time on official PvP, I could personally not compete, solo and time wise.

Pve c feels like an mmo. I log in and prep for the adventure, bc my shts still standing.

I dont worry about my stuff getting blown up, I want to blow up others bases and let karma work its magic on mine through game mecanics. Its the players who…as we speak are lagging the server and using exploits without repucussions that is frustrating. I picked this server as it seemed a good choice, but since one clan has joined ( last 6 days) its become unplayable and population has dropped alot. They could do it on pve c aswell. Games needs more enforcement to make it better and in return more players would stay and buy DLC.

And the American severs allway lag or allways down you cant even play the game its stupid and pointless

Server 1312 is a disaster. Every day it crashes or is impossible to log onto because of some glitch or the other. I’d start over on a different server but it’s just a matter of time before the glitchers crash that server too.

Funcom needs to address the issues that make their games impossible to play and this is by far the prime problem.

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