PVP. Not that bad now that I have seen worse

Well I started playing another base-building game with PVP and I gotta say…CE is actually significantly better and here is why.

This other game advancement locks through bottlenecks of content that just makes it not fun to play. Seriously I got the difficult entry aspect solved and tried to take out the chapter boss only to be ganked by a 2X2V1 situation from 2 different duo clans coming in taking my kill. This was going on the entire night since I broke the access point (Apparently the only one that could do it and other were just camping out waiting for someone to do it) Tried this AM and same situation.

Sigh. So basically I’ve come to the realization that the earlier time I got PVP time in was a fluke and the reality is that it’s just not a fun time because it favors the trolling and I’m in the minority that believe gaming is a shared fun factor responsibility.

But to the point of this post was that CE was significantly better at PVP than this game because it never forced you to only do one direction to advance and you could develop and play your own style to advance how you wanted to. There was always an option to zig if they planned on a zag.


I actually thought CE could use with a little bottlenecking (more on end game than mid game progresssion) to entice people to fight over resources.

However it shouldn’t be a singular point. So that clans can’t cover everything at once and those in smaller groups can slip beneath the radar even during busy times.

I often log in in pvp official servers on my daughters account, not mine. My problem with all the servers i participate was the unreasonable lagging. Last time i logged in was exactly after the update dropped.
How’s your experience with this issue?

I have no lag. But I pay a premium for the deluxe high speed.

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I do respect this, yet i cannot understand why EU pve with 10 persons online performs excellent to me but pvp 2 persons online performs like s…t :woman_shrugging:t4:. I will try again however, as i told you it was right after the last age dropped so maybe things are better now.

I would like to know which EU PVE server with 10 people online works normally.
Usually 7-8 people are enough for smaller lags , but our server has a lot of bases for purges and probably runs there quite often

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Im assuming that other game is v rising, that was one of my major complaints with it. Couldn’t progress without fighting certain bosses, so better geared groups would just camp those bosses and choke the server to death. Total loser behavior.

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Plus that other game is horrible in making dramatic content.