Perfect storm..vent session

So…I lost half of my entire game stores tonight due to the entire inventory was upended since the server I called home was being culled and postponed for a month and a half. So while all the inventory shuffling was going on, the bomb exploit (well into the 2nd week of being first reported) hit and there was no hiding place for the mats…I don’t know…I survived 3 total wipes in a matter of 2 weeks while maintaining the special inventory…I don’t see how pvp is playable to someone like me because the exploit has made every clan a sledgehammer and regardless of planning…there is enough dragon powder to flow and destroy every foundation so there just isn’t a way to outsmart folks anymore because all of the clans are doing it and literally wiping every foundation from the bases. There is no strategy is trying to dodge a mack truck in a dead end ally…maybe I’ll take a break and hopefully it will be fixed enough so I can transfer servers. I have said the journey is the important part of the game, but that means little when the journey is tainted with cheats that can make warfare resources unlimited. I tried to keep it positive…kind of hard to do as folks just stop farming in general and exploit in 100 bombs per 15 minutes.


Yeah that really sucks. Normally I am envious of the more populated servers and larger communities you guys have in NA, and I want to come and play but the ping is too punishing. But right now… I mean Oceania may be quiet, but at least that means there aren’t multiple clans on each server playing these games.

We solos usually enjoy the challenge of being the scrappy underdog, it’s what we live for, but this sounds like just banging your head against a wall. All I can say is that it seems like the ball’s been well and truly dropped on the PVP front, and I’m hoping the reason they aren’t bothering to fix it is because 3.0 is close.

Edit: I went and leveled up on a PVE server recently to help someone out with something. I’m back on PVP now but it was kind of a nice relaxing time. If you feel like you’re being forced to quit when you don’t really want to, maybe play PVE for a bit :man_shrugging:t2:


It is something really bad and discouraging for solo pvp players, REALLY BAD. All these years another solo pvp player here @Dzonatas is trying to point issues that discourage solo pvp. @Selene01 I think find the solution to jump from server to server and play as a nomad if I am not mistaken. What I mean here is that when these situations are showing up, situations that will destroy the moral of players or the balance of the game, the company maybe has to be swift and correct this error the soonest possible. But maybe they are already trying and I am unfair against them right, now, I don’t know :man_shrugging:.
Until then…
If you wish…
Including @Firecrow too and any other interests for this…
Choose a pve or pve c server you want and let’s do it, let’s go and have some fun without thralls at all, only horses maybe, but no thralls or pets. Imagine a berserker purge without thralls!!!
The khari dungeon without thralls, omg it would be awesome we will be beaten A LOT, but fun is guaranteed…
Please give it a thought, thank you.


Game is broken as hell …

  • servers are not wiped.
  • duping loots from previous exploits.
  • body vaults.
  • horses pvp
  • thralls too powerfull
  • player too weak
  • siptah weapons and gear on EL
  • servers transfers
  • bugs
  • a foundation to detect bases with land claim
  • repair hammer to get others players timer (and see if they are here)
  • event log (most stupid thing ever)
  • connected players steam id can be seen on console
  • global chat

To adapt :

  • use siptah weapons and gear on EL
  • use 2 body vaults to store loots on a dead server (to recover fast if killed)
  • transfer main character and raid others servers
  • no big base, just a small box to craft
  • do not stay more than fews days on a server, then after raiding all they can not catch you :slight_smile:

→ this is not PVP …

PVP must be :

  • 3 months wipe (everything including players body, level, feats …)
  • small clans, max 5.
  • no transfers
  • may be adapt leveling, farming, recipes.
  • only chat with players you have meet and agree to chat. private chat.

Ark and Rust have 10 times more players.

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That is the direction that ARK has taken. Servers go from very populated to minimal, routinely day by day. I tried ARK while waiting for calmness on CE server transfers. Any day now, as the date for the merge is posted. You can’t take things with you on ARK to another map, so there probably is a raid base, like a nomad.

I still prefer CE.

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I wouldn’t be able to play. Maybe there should instead be a “beginner” map that does wipe/blitz. We should be able to find servers that don’t wipe. All will be happy, then… :wink:

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The problem with scheduled wipes is the temporary feel that comes with it. The passion for the creation lessens and that gets transferred into the overall feel of the game. It becomes a fast pace dominance and the no real attachment so people would get treated worse. I would say a year timer for you and all things go poof after that timer…no resets. Your game lasts a year. A clan has a timer set to the original clan leader or the oldest server member whichever is lesser.

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I’m not going to go anywhere but I just don’t see the need to advance anything in the maps until the dupe is fixed and I do hope the kill inventories of explosives and dragon powder as well.


I’m really sorry this happened to you. :bruh_hug:


Thanks man. It’s cool now that I’ve slept but I was like holy F. 4 times?! Really? All my backup systems were hit in a time frame I couldn’t establish new ones. The last clan was one that was hit a few days ago so I knew the dupe was bring implemented.


Not going to waffle on here, but this sounds really bad. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Yeah when this first hit the forums and I saw it…I knew it was game breaking for pvp so tagged community and hoped they would have an emergency revision the next week. They deleted the thread as expected so they acknowledged it’s presence as an issue but no solution yet and the server is going down like Crow’s Devil’s Night.

What sucks the most was 3 chests full of legendaries…gone.


I had a few crates full of legendary weapons. I had 20 upgraded beserkers. I had another crate of blood and powder. I had…

…eh, it’s a waste of time. I mean it’s still too easy, for a toxic clan, to wipe this base, especially with supplies being transferred.


So update from this morning…I know where they are, I know where they hide/stash. I believe they are probably taking it off the server in batches and I know they have the crappiest defense system I have ever seen (apparently bomb duping was the focus even though they have had a full 2 days to use the T3 mats to built up the defenses…yeah apparently they think vaults will save the day). I am moving fast from the stone age to the steel age and beyond. New base has been established. All in all…within a week I can be up to 50% of my server strength and about 5% of my overall resources lost (although some will require EL grinding to get back which is scheduled for later this week).

Now the moral dilemma that crossed my mind this AM…do I cross the line and get my stuff back by any means necessary or let it go? I’m leaning letting it go but it’s just nagging me in the back of my mind that I can easily trash these guys and they deserve what I can bring down on them…but then again, it’s a game and it’s not worth it to go down that road. Cheaters going to cheat and it’s expected on them and the servers aren’t going to get better if everyone is in the mud…I hate integrity.

Edit:…I think I got an idea but it still means I loose the stuff. I will level t3 alters at every location they are in…I will let the server serve out the justice.

I’m sorry this happened. you’re right PVP is in a sorry state right now, and more than a few of us are…

…feeling like this. I’ve gone ̷c̷a̷r̷e̷b̷e̷a̷r̷ PVE for the time being.

I disagree, before server transfers made it impossible, the event log made it so you could seek recompense from off line raider cowards. If you are going to be aggressive, own it, and reap what you sew.
And further I had a pet go missing recently the event log showed me what happened while I was off line.

Depends on your current stance. You might want to check out a different one with adjusted attributes. Going between heavy and encumbrance build, for example. :smiley:

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Yeah encumberance build is the only way to raid solo but that’s going to take time to farm out while exploiting would take 15 minutes…i just can’t bring myself to do the exploit and to farm it out will take too much time and my stuff would be gone (at least it should be if they are smart). So without the actual incentive outside of emotional revenge, there are far more effective ways to get that than blowing them up personally…like my t3 alter idea…i just put a public push pin in the maps of every clan on the server that these guys are here. Let the server take care of it…I get justice and keep my resources. Like I said, I play PVP a tad bit differently than others. :wink:


Last update for thread…transfered to new server. Double rates are doing their jobs and about half way to the mats recovery… combat thralls will be a bit more problematic as certain spots of my usual base spots are being watched. New server has public map rooms so getting established wasn’t too hard.

Apparently the vulture that came to the old server to pick the bones off the server’s carcass is quite active on this one and started another account (shhhh. I’m not supposed to know). I have a feeling this person will keep the established clans busy enough.

Exciting times again.


I’m glad you decided to be the bigger person. Well done.

Its tempting though isn’t it? Even without the motivation of vengeance, I keep seeing buildings where I’d normally go “eh, not worth getting the bombs just to look inside that.” But I now I could…

So now I’m just enjoying the double farm rates, pretending the bomb dupe doesn’t exist :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


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