Well done, devs. You've made an honestly excellent game

I’ve had a blast on release day.

I was able to log in and check out a private server, before joining my preferred official server later in the night, when it dropped down to 26 players.

I’ve made a few suggestions over the past few months, and I really think you nailed them.

It feels great to play. The experience is awesome, and as a player who has played a good deal, it’s exciting to see all the improvements and ongoing development in the game.

Night-time feels a perfect length. Good for stretching your legs and getting some housework done. The shelter system is fantastic, as it lets you extend that time if you feel necessary. There are so many game mechanics that are very well thought-out and executed.

I won’t go into excessive details — you know what you did right.

You’ve made many peoples’ favourite game.
Well done, and we hope to see more.


I agree! The game is solid as hell for a v1.0!
Aside from the issues with getting into a desired server, the game is absolutely fantastic and worth playing a little early access now and then for the last half year hehe :slight_smile:


Agreed, I don’t understand what people are complaining about. Overall its a great launch and I am loving it so far.


You know what they are complaining about? They decided to convert all of the PVE Conflict servers to PVP without proper prior notice. I just got ganked and lost everything in the game.

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I’m having a blast in single player, mainly exploring the map.

The issues are primarily focused on official servers not having enough space to support the playerbase (understandable) and that server types got changed.

If you’re playing on private servers or enjoy solo, then yes the game is a blast.

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