This game is awesome!

I usually just post about the little things that are annoying or could be better, but wanted to to take the time to spread the luv in this little GTA/Minecraft/Witcher mess we live in :joy:


I’m guessing this is your first survival game?


Messed around with Minecraft, Dying Light, 7 Days to Die

Must be your first day. You haven’t been abused by exploits, bugs, FunCom changes things for the worse, etc.

Give it time, but enjoy it while you can.

I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:


I concur.
Thoroughly enjoying this (very) flawed masterpiece.

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A Roleplay paradise ! and a bloody mess aha


To flourish in the face of chaos! That is what it means to live!

I played this game for many hours (600 or so…) and i must say that i enjoy it less after official release due to lack of content and promises that were not delivered… Great potential, great idea but f**ked up at the end…

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+5 for a fun game. Indeed it is much more of a Roleplay Paradise than a PvP haven. There are better games for PvP. Once this game is a bit more stable from bugs it will be a Roleplayer’s Multiplayer Masterpiece not seen since the days of NWN1(and NWN2 to some extent).

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I have sunk a lot of hours into this game, which makes it a success in my book. I’m not a PVP player though nor will I ever set foot on a public server. We play on a private server with people we know. No griefing. No trolling. No 12-year olds shouting racial obscenities or claiming to have slept with our moms.

Makes a world of difference.


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