Buggiest Game i have ever dealt with

How does this company get away with this game been so popular when all it does is glitch everytime i p[layed. The game and idea itself is awesome. I paid for my own server and everything and every time i get on its a different crappy bug or glitch i have to deal with. absolute rubbish

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When the game first released into EA, it was much too early. The game was a huge mess and so the reviews on Steam were only around 60 or 63% positive.

Now a month after official release, it’s ‘still’ a huge mess and the rating is 67% positive. Can’t expect much with ratings like that.

yeah im pretty disappointing, look i can live with the occasional glitch in a game like this. but there efforts at fixing it or even acknowledging is pathetic. like we pay for the game and they want us to pay for servers for a crappy experience. like i could count the amount of glitches ive had to try and deal with. you suck conan exiles

For the most part, yeah. But maybe it’ll be getting better.
It’s not letting me link the article so I’ll just paste a quote from it.

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