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[Suggestion] Much has been done in SWL to equalize multi-hit abilities with single-hit abilities to maintain balance with proc effects. In the Secret World, multi-hit abilities had an inherent advantage in triggering procs because each hit per second had a chance to do so, even when a proc event was limited to occurring once per second. Thankfully, this was changed in Secret World Legends so that no number of hits per second count as an advantage in triggering a proc. And since many effects are limited to being triggered once per second, even Channeled abilities work just as well as any other ability with procs such as the Ashes of Crushed Cities.

This is not true for Flame-Wreathed, Plasma-Forged, and Efficiency. Abilities with cast times greater than one second can only proc these effects once per ability cast, making any build with such abilities trying to make the most of these effects at a significant disadvantage. Considering all other proc effects were normalized to work the same way no matter the type of ability used, there’s no reason abilities with cast times should be penalized for using Flame-Wreathed, Plasma-Forged, and Efficiency when there’d be no advantage to be had. If these abilities work equally well with effects like the Ashes of Crushed Cities, there’s no reason they cannot perform likewise with these three effects.


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[Achievements] Either remove the requirement for the Tank Commander Blade and Depleted Energy Cell to upgrade the Orochi centrepiece in the Museum or at least make it possible to acquire them (maybe sell them on Dr. Caligari?).

As it stands that wing (and the Golems wing) can’t be completed, making it impossible to complete the Museum. Presumably the Guardians event (and accompanying lore and items) will roll around on the anniversary and we’ll be able to upgrade that, but the Orochi wing relies on items that don’t seem likely to become available any time soon, or even Soon ™.


As it currently stands it’s pretty much a given that it will be implemented together with the south africa wing. no 100% promise but a 99% one…so don’T worry about it.


[Abilities] Allow Crystalline abilities to damage/destroy breakables. As it is it’s the exception to the rule and not the other way around.


Perhaps it is Working As Intended, but I request that once you unlock a circle of Dante’s storyline, you don’t have to start over from scratch when you don’t complete the nebulous requirements or the quest times out on you because you have to do silly things like eat and sleep. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to keep starting from 1st circle over and over again.


[Interface] - [Chat]
What about to put near the name of the Char in chat the the thumbnail of profile of itself like in “Eve Online” or “Perpetuum”?
I think could be nice see in face whom I’m speaking :slight_smile:



We need a “state of the game” style live stream or another production after Wednesday. Just to know where the game is now and where it will be going in 2018. For last year we had the roadmap for this year all we have is the kickoff for 4th of April.

There are so very many unanswered questions, and I am not talking story here, but now that the elusive second season is going to be real the community needs to know if the next installment is going to follow the pattern of ca. 1-5 year cadence you currently have or can we expect it sometime sooner?

Yes that was a bit of sarcasm, but seriously there has to be something you can say about future prospects for the game in terms of content, and the release/start of season two is the moment with best reach to the widest number of people you are going to get since the relaunch of the game so take advantage of it.


The only answer you woud get will be “if season 2 will meet the expectations eg. bring enough money, there may be season 3 in future”. Anything else is above Tilty decisions.


[suggestion] - [interface]
I’m playing in HD ( 1920 x 1080 ) in a 15" monitor laptop. What about to put a bigger text size in all windows of the HUD (Lore, Achievements, and so on)… I’m becoming blind.


I know that, the point was to make it clear that this one release is what is going to reach more of the players, that still have this game on their radar, than anything they do after this. It is their sink or swim moment. They can play it safe or take a risk. While it is not up to Tilty to decide what can be said he can seek permission from those that make these decisions.

I guess what I am really saying is that if they are not ready to say anything now, they might as well not say anything at all (by now I mean the roughly a week or two window that people will be most interested about this new content, and I am being generous here) the window to lay out their plans for this year is now and not three months from now.

Re season 2 bringing enough money, for one we don’t know what season 2 even is beyond this one patch and while the content will bring players back to the game… for a little while, it being free does not bring them money, what they do around it does and we don’t know anything about that side either.

TL;DR: they want season 2 to do well, they should do something to make that more likely, so far they haven’t and the best time to do something is right about now, immediately following the patch.


[Achievements] I have some spoiler-free feedback about the pace of one of the new achievements, True Believer.

Unless I’m missing other means to gain points, you can only gain points via missions. Completing all the relevant missions seems to grant 15 points. So a free player who can do these missions once every 3 days can complete this achievement in 200 days (almost 7 months). A patron who does all missions once every day can complete this achievement in 67 days.

Why do I care about this? I don’t care about the achievement itself. I do care that it gives a bad impression. It openly suggests that the players can expect to be in this camp for the next 7 months. Even if that actually is the case, I don’t think the pace of this achievement should openly reflect that. You already have a set of vendor rewards for dawn tokens to entice players to keep coming back to the zone.

To preemptively answer the usual “you want to be done in a week” argument, please consider that there is a massive spectrum between 1 week and 28 weeks.


To be fair, it is an optional achievement. My gripe is not that they are forcing suffering onto players. It’s the implication that having a ridiculously slow paced achievement may cause player retention. They already have more subtle ways of convincing players to keep coming back, like the token vendor they set up. Players who want the cosmetics or distillates will come back to replay South Africa, without the need of an achievement that bluntly suggests they repeat the zone 67 times.


I figured that achieve was Funcom taking the piss out of rep grinding. Even the text of it makes it sound like they don’t expect anyone who isn’t nuts to actually do it :slight_smile:


I’m not sure but it seems there’ll be more missions :soon: and my guess some of them can give more points so it will take a bit less than 200 days. (and it’s crazy sect, 200 days seems almost not crazy enough for this)


This is an continuation of:

Please let me choose what kind of distillate to buy from Mark Strakes. I need Glyph distillates. To have RNG decide once again what kind I should get is not fun.


[Agent Network]
What about an iOS/Android APP to control the Agents of my network?
It could be usefull if I get an alert by my smartphone when one of my agents finished a quest, so I can, accept, and send him/her to another mission…

when I log into the game I get in my inventory’s bags all the rewards.


It’s been suggested before, yes - even before we released the feature. We’d love to do it, but we lack the resources to create a mobile companion app.


MAJOR QoL [Suggestion]

Can you make a chat tab that receives a tell message blink? I keep my Tell messages in one chat tab that’s separate from other tabs. In theory, this makes it easy to see when I got a message. The tab text color changes to red. In practice, it gets overlooked and I see whispers I got 15 minutes ago. I regularly play with the game muted and music on so I never hear the sound, which is the identical sound to receiving mail (such as someone buying something from you on the AH) so it’s confusing anyway.

Short of that, can I get some kind of toggleable on-screen indicator? A tiny icon telling me I have unread whispers? Anything? I have missed fan messages a lot lately and it’s starting to annoy me. (Yes, apparently I have fans. I’m as shocked as you are.)



First thanks for making the Collector’s Edition account wide and not just one character. You might get more sales of this if you mention it is account wide on the Steam page for the DLC.

Would it be possible to change the code for people that got the other DLC and make those items also account wide at least for the titles & cosmetics?