Feedback & Suggestions



[Crafting] suggestion : would it be possible to make divide option to crafting? I have a few blue versions of equipment I need to divide back to 2 level 20 green pieces. It would make leveling of equipment more flexible - if a new weapon would appear, I could simply dismantle the old weapon a build it up again. So I wouldn’t need to put whole blue level of equipment into it - if I could simply divide it into lower level and build it up again what I need If I get some better green piece - then I can higher level just throw out and start again and that is tiresome. I have a lot of purple with my main I don’t need anymore and it would take ages to level it and connect and it just takes space and I don’t want to waste my xps with only 60% upgrades into another weapon, but if I could divide it, connect with better green and then build it up again, I would be eager to get a new, better piece of equipment.


[Interface] Thank you for adding mission time to the front page of the Agent window. However, the placement doesn’t follow basic rules of data presentation. Before, the eye could scan down the page and read all the exp values. Now it has to alternate or re-orient because exp and time alternate vertically. I suggest using the ample space covered by the giant stat shapes on the left more efficiently instead of adding visual noise.

Thank you!


[Misc] - for ease of life I’d like the Cache Keys to be shared across all my characters (available account wide) so I don’t have to take both the login reward AND the cache key on one character. OR perhaps split the option so I am able to take the Cache on one character and log to another to take the Reward.



With how long the load in times are and how often the game crashes for some people the time before someone is unable to rejoin a dungeon should be at least doubled, if not set to 5 minutes.


[Suggestion] New feature : Anima veil.

The innate aggro-nullifier caused by level difference with monsters should be put ON/OFF with this feature.
A simple click allows you to be aggroed or not, depending of your preference. Just turn on the Anima Veil to be ignored by the mobs and turn it off to experience the game the right way.


not so simple as monsters behaviors and stats are not on your side (IE on your computer) but it’s server sided.


They had it back in TSW that they attacked you. Would probably be almost as simple as coding it to detect it as either ON/OFF and then make them react appropriately


If they’re already comparing your level to the mob’s level to determine whether to aggro, it’s exactly no harder to add “and Anima Veil on” to that condition. In fact, having Anima Veil off would allow it to short circuit the comparison, making that case slightly more efficient to balance out the one extra bit compared by the off case.


It’s not a great feature to have though - it adds literally nothing to high level play and is detrimental to low level play because now all the mobs they need for missions are dead because level 50 players running missions for agents had to kill them all in one hit just to feel “immersed”. :v:


Please consider some poeple want it, just as i accept some people can be litteraly obsessed by recolored cosmetics, event bags and agent dossier drop rng. Trolling what we enjoy and claim back from the original game isn’t a nice thing to do.


I’m not trolling, I’m offering my opinion on the matter, just as you are.


What’s stopping high level players from killing off low level mobs just for fun anyway?


[feedback] We need to talk about scenarios more.

Like, there are two spawn points in Castle that are really close when on map but actually one is 1st floor and another the 2nd. Then, sometimes there are 2-4 mobs at the same time who spawns there, and you try you check here and there, but meet only part of party, somehow 1 mob spawns on other floor. That’s confusing and really annoying.

Snipers, comparing to other obstacles. Let us kill them! I really want it when they keep pick up on me every 10 sec. I can’t dodge from mobs because 99% chance that dodge cooldown won’t be ready for next sniper attack. It’s easiest in Hotel but keep get in my nerves in Castle with its sniper staying moose head on the wall (whose idea it was?) or Mansion when there’s wave on certain side of map. In the same time I barely have ghost attacks, and possessions and sabotage have quite long cooldowns.

There are also bugs, I’d really appreciate their fixing. Like when supply boxes are inaccessible or when you die at some point and your energy stops restore - I got it twice, both time in Castle, and I think it was after last update both, but one of my cabalmates told they have this constantly. Also mobs who ignore you because they have some busyness far away.

And what’s the thing with bosses ignoring me and refusing to follow (that vampire magus loves to do it), or sometimes (in the Castle again) they just decide to go up and not down?

In tSW scenarios made me shiver and I’m happy they are way easier in SWL and yet some mechanics are questionable at least from my point of view. Some mobs are harder than others in weird way, also that weird difference between steps (like between e5 and e6), that make me question my choice of weapon once again and its balancing. Wasn’t there initial point where you are free to choose any and be just as good with it? I’m not BiS hunter, I don’t care about such things but I also wish playing was comfortable for me. I spend my time on upgrading gear, so why it’s still so bad that I can’t bear doing level that game thinks I’m able to judging by my ip? That’s frustrating. Not first time I wrote it and I guess not last.


Doing the bestiary achievements (formerly 10k kill achievements) is now fairly annoying since in many farm locations the mobs will not proximity aggro to you. My museum is done (as done as it can get with the current state of the game, anyway), but I would still be 100% in favor of putting it back the way it was where all mobs would proximity aggro on you. It’s stupid the way it is. The aggro radius should shrink as you get stronger than the mob, but it should never drop to zero. There should be a bottom limit, for instance 3 meters.


Yeah. Outleveled mobs need a cower & tremble animation when we are in their vicinity.


All bathouse lore is accessible atm without specialize sprints.


[feedback] audio: My audio background music on headphones is very bad, I don’t know if that is because of my HW integrated card, but if it looks like also some strange connection between sliders - when I put interface down, background music is more quiet too. would it be please possible to have an option to download high quality background audio (the volume atleast like soundtrack on youtube quality) for those, who prefer more loud music for different reasons?


Now we have advertisement and it is quite annoying for someone who doesn’t want to see it, esp with every alt he logs in for the first time… I wish it would be possible to turn it off or atleast open that only once per account. Or if the first information would be daily reward and then you could switch to news.
It wasn’t really necessary because the same information was on launcher…
Why some MMO has to be annoying? Or implement always some feature which would hurt/annoy other players?
I have found I could turn off daily reward announcements, so now remains all the pop up of finished agents…
And now I have collectors edition with every alt everytime I relog and it is not possible to remove it - I guess I will never play the new zone…


If it confusing to me why they will log things like mission cooldowns expiring, which honestly is useless information. Either they are 8 hours (patron) and can be repeated daily, or 68 hours (non-patrons) in which case the player isn’t exactly going to be tracking specific missions that closely.

Meanwhile important information like items being sold results in nothing more than "You receive x amount of shards* instead of something useful like “You sold (Legendary) Elemental Focus MK III” for x amount of shards. Yes, the amount can be a clue if you accidentally sell something rare but considering most gadgets tend to be vendor fodder, it doesn’t help as much as stating explicitly what is being sold and when.


[Items/Pets] For the love of Gaia, turn off pets and mounts in Agartha Mall. Standing by the bank and listening to motorcycles, horses, ak’abs, smiler mechs, scorpions and automatons is DRIVING ME INSANE*!

*Kurt Kuszczak insane:
I tore the circuits out of my helmet.
Still it talked.
I ripped out all the circuits from my tank, put them upside-down so they could not see me.
Still the voice talked.
I broke Q-tips in my bloody ears.
Still it talked!