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I’m sure many other players have 8gb+ RAM. I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of a 64bit version? Not sure it’s needed but it’s always a welcome addition in my books.

I want the old Thor’s Hammer animation back from TSW. It’s unfair The Mitsubachi and Ami have it :cry: I miss it being hammer time. Still happy with the name being what it is but I miss that animation.

Text scaling for chat would be nice. A friend of mine plays on his 50 inch TV from across the loungeroom and damn is it hard to read chat.

Also, the flood of green distillates that are useless for yellow and red items is ridiculous. At least let them be free to use or have a way to turn them in to better distillates for free. I remember seeing someone mention an “alchemist” that can do it for losing part of the distillate xp to combine them being something that could work and I agree.


There is I believe a 64bit client in the works but it hit some problems. Never really looked to deep into it.


I agree, it was mentioned once or twice in streams, then never mentioned again and seemingly ignored as a question when people repeatedly asked in streams that followed. Would be nice to get an answer on this, if its not going to happen say so. Leaving it ignored just reinforces the salt that people have towards the lack of communication.


[Feedback] Patron information
So people were talking Patron status in general, and someone said something wasn’t listed (it partly was). Looked a bit closer at the info in game, and there are some inconsistenties and missing bonuses.

  1. The Tooltip does not list the extra mission slot for the Agent Network.
  2. The popup does not list the Cabal Bank access.
  3. Neither list that Patrons can initiate trade at level 1

As for the Cabal Bank access, personally i don’t understand why the restrictions weren’t changed along with the Trade restrictions, from Non to lvl 15+, for non Patrons.



They don’t want non-patrons making a cabal each to get a bunch of free storage, probably. :v:


[Achievements] [Feedback]
Where: The Black House (Savage Coast)
I think it was called Fleeting Visit (do The Black House quest in under 2 minutes).

My complaint / suggestion : I am visiting the house, taking time to read and appreciate, when an icon pops in my face with a cracking sound of failing an “achievement”. The immersion is 100% broken as I ponder how stupid that achievement is, how it is better to take more time and how it broke my immersion; and should write my feedback on the forum… Remove it or remove the pop-up so-called “failure” for that insignificant “achievement”.


At the very least non-patrons should be allowed to deposit items into a bank. Pretty silly to need to trade to patrons just to toss in a few essences and what not.

Would be pretty simple actually to disallow nonpatrons from creating cabals and allow cabal leaders to apply bank rules to everyone as most games do.


Cabal banks need improving in a whole bunch of ways but they’re really weird about two people using them at once so allowing people to put stuff in but not take out is probably beyond the current system.

Only allowing patrons to create cabals is completely pointless however - what’s stopping you from paying for a single month of patron just to set one up?


Isn’t there an option to disable the achievement pop ups? Take a look in the options. I know there is for SP/AP gain.


[Interface] Please add Agents to builds. Players may want different agents equipped when they change builds, such as defense agents for tanks, chaos agents for chaos weapons, etc.


That is I believe already in the works.


That is a good point, It’s just kinda frustrating for everyone to have to ask a patron member to get something/ add something.

It gets strange because the bank doesn’t update for player A what player B changed, not until player A closes and reopens it. It’s for the same reason that you can’t simply move something from one position to another. Not sure why it isn’t showing change right away though.


Nothing, and really there shouldn’t be. These types of restrictions are honestly a bit over the top for a F2P game. However, if that were the case it couldn’t be hard (well for any other game) to code in restrictions for that too. Frankly, its just laziness IMO. Free players are going to play a free to play game, they should probably just accept that.

The fact that patrons are so willing to avoid social interactions altogether (making a single person cabal solely for the purpose of bank space) instead of buying space with aurum should tell them something.

We likely have many patrons who probably would be in the same cabal playing together if not for the fact they lose a ton of storage for themselves and they are too selfish to share. So instead they all run their own “cabal” and enjoy none of its social perks merely to avoid spending aurum for actual personal bank space and so on.

Are they making more money off of it? I dunno, maybe, but the game definitely suffers for these types of business decisions. I wonder how much data space they’d save if there were not hundreds of single person cabals being stored separately.



I’d add something to this. There exists one more reason to get rid of the Reciprocity Enigma: it almost makes the Resonance Cascade passive mandatory to prevent the target gaining this buff and allowing DDs to kill themselves in the process. This sounds a bit too punishing and goes against the philosophy of “free to choose” passives.

I’d actually get rid of the buff on the target mechanic that you have to purge in order to gain the Enigma benefits. While an interesting concept at first glance, it just makes Resonance Cascade, again, even more required, and the passive’s extra paradox generation is already good enough on its own.


Rifle has nothing remotely like Resonance Cascade. If I fail to launch a grenade it does about 7% of my hp in damage. If you skip Resonance Cascade it can one-shot dpses. And you just need to add a purge anyway to get anything out of your enigmas so you don’t even save a slot.


And this is a problem, you just proved the point yourself.


Resonance Cascade is 2nd or 3rd best way to generate paradoxes, if it wasn’t mandatory for other reasons I’d probably run with octed or butterfly effect since those can actually hit 8 (which is why I dunno if it’s 2nd or 3rd… raw paradox/sec is higher but it’s not gonna parse perfectly).


Right, so what kind of restrictions? If the cabal leader loses patron they get demoted automatically? What if there’s no patron to take their place? Just disband the cabal? What if there’s some issue with the database and the game temporarily loses track of who is or isn’t patron? It’s got nothing to with laziness and everything to do with (as you said) being over the top.

Storage space is one of the ways the game makes money. Patrons can get a bunch of it by forming their own cabal but if they’re giving the game money to do so, is it really that much of an issue? I don’t doubt that quite a few people do it as some kind of lifehack but I highly doubt it’s the major, game-threatening issue that you’re making it out to be.

Anyway, just to actually provide a suggestion: it’d be nice if there was some way to add extra tabs (with their own separate permissions) to the cabal bank. Tie it to cabal activity somehow - earning “bank xp” every time we run stuff as a group or whatever.


I use AR as a healer and dps and have never used the safety net passive. It is not even comparable with other mandatory passives.

Definition of mandatory : An ability is useless without it. Like Elemental’s Crystallised Flame ability. Or a universal passive that without it would completely alter and usually cripples your build options.

Such as most of pistol and blade’s universal passives that without them would reduce their already awful dps to nothing.


I do think they need to clarify that premium mission slot is for the agent system.