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[Suggestion] Give the agent Cveta the other side of her hat. Else she will become incapacitated more often due to cold:


[Feedback] Because this looks like a good place to put it…

So, New Dawn at night is very possibly my favorite Secret World instance/zone/whatever you want to call it. It is atmospheric in ways that even the Dreaming Prison didn’t quite get, and I love the Dreaming Prison. New Dawn at night is very much like a dream. The lighting shrouds distant objects in darkness and mystery, as if you hadn’t quite conjured up in your mind the indistinct things at the edges of your immediate surroundings. Those things existing at the edge of awareness only become real and visible when you’re right on top of them. It’s very quiet; even the hyenas laughing right next to you sound like they come from very far away. The shadows are long, the moon is big but not really bright. Everything about the place is just off, a sidestep from what it should be. The angles are wrong, the lighting is wrong, the sounds are wrong. Like a dream. It’s perfect

Do more of that pls. When you guys nail it, you nail it.


[Feedback] Icons for different signets are too often the same. The general shape being the same for the gear slot is fine, but the exact same icon is not. Make it more like weapons where there is still (usually; save for weapon suffix at present) a different icon for different items. I didn’t realize they were different while I was mindlessly empowering and selling. And still now that I know, there’s no easy way to organize them in my bag as they all appear the same.

[Bug]? At a few times it seems the game has bugged out staying on an area mission so I can’t travel and get others. Might want to look into cases of this.


[Suggestion] So I cooked up an idea for the agent system. Currently the agent system is kinda plagued with far to small destillates for use in upgrading (Destillates going below even what matching gear gives).
Would it be possible to have a progression system instead of getting destillates directly? Basically instead of getting a 150xp weapon destillate you get 150xp on the weapon loot bar which awards you a 2k destillate everytime you collect 2k xp with agent missions.
It would be work but it would drastically improve the worth of the agent system without changing the rewards by condensing rewards into bigger but slightly rarer drops.
Would love to hear a dev opinion on it.


Just making the distillates free to use is vastly simpler than adding yet another system, however minor it might be.


[suggestion] Easy backup and restore of SWL client or atleast rdb files, in case of reinstallation of game… possibly steam side also.


Achievements — Museum of the Occult
Are there plans to incorporate the items needed to complete museum wings, that are currently missing from the game? The Tank Commander Blade and Depleted Energy Cell are required to complete the Orochi wing. Perhaps these could be incorporated as drops from Kurt’s missions, or from the tank in the tunnel under Orochi Tower. There are also Legends and the Custodial Anima Infuser needed to make any progress with the Guardians and Automatons wing.


[Interface] Change UI of dailies windows to look like chores we get from our factions. It doesn’t need to be anything too refined or complicated, but for Gaia sake, in a game which is all about story, atmosphere and nice little details, why do we have this dailies windows which is totally out of game world and against immersion?


When you’re at the point of rinse and repeating time-efficient content for marks, I think that ship has already sailed m8.


That ship had sailed with the very introduction of “you must do 8 main missions a day for efficient MoF farming” in what was supposedly a story-focused game being supposedly relaunched to make focusing on the story a better experience for more casual players.


Because as we all know, the old game didn’t have daily or weekly challenges. :v:


I didn’t say anything of the sort, I was just pointing out that your whining is a touch hypocritical. :v:

To bring us back on-topic though: it would be nice if dodge-rolling could be changed so that it works if you press shift before you start moving. Trying to dodge from a stationary position sometimes fails because of this.

Also disable double-tap dodging by default because as hilarious as it is constantly having to tell new players to turn it off after they hurl themselves off Klein’s bridge or into the Dark House Sorcerer’s aoe while trying to reposition slightly, it’s starting to wear a little thin. :v:


Pointing out the system SWL has is bad for a shared-world action RPG is hypocritical just because the MMO TSW had such a system?

I’m sorry, but you’re making a fool of yourself with a ridiculous claim like that.


[Feedback] - Agent Drop rates - There’s a balance between keeping it challenging and making it worth our while and fun. I just spent 2 weeks getting a brand new character from KM to the Tower and aside from the initial 2 agents, only had one other agent drop for her. This is constant play (When I’m not at work) running though all the story content and tons of main/side missions, dungeons most nights, and now scenarios added to the mix over the past week that she’s been 50. And only 1 agent drop. This is not fun. This is a grindfest. The balance needs to be tapped toward the other direction. I’m not talking a full on over the top tilt, but adjust the decimal point on that drop rate % please!


[Interface] Special agents (shiny) - are quite unappealing (something between not-noticeable and ugly). Since all agents have grey background in their picture, could special ones have something like purple background?


[Items/Pets] The game need more cats. Both domestic and wild. Pets like tigers, panthers, lions, cheetahs and leopards. Adults and cubs.


Along those lines…

[Items/Pets] Siberian Husky, non-exploding kind.


Especially if the trash tier canimas are meant for level 15 people who are already on a tight shard budget at their levels.


[suggestion] A turbo scenario mode where the next pack spawns immediately when you get out of combat. No extra rewards. Would make it possible to clear scenarios faster and also create the choice of running lower tier scenarios for more xp/time, like elite dungeons do right now.


Except I never get the nice reloadui-fixable one… :<