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Thus encouraging them to continue being jackasses to other groups in order to avoid the deserter mechanic. They ARE deserting. They should get the deserter debuff.


Yes, we should absolutely make it trivially easy for groups of three players to grief people just so that you can feel JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. There is literally zero practical benefit - if they join another group, that group can kick them too. :v:


Last word. You realize your argument here is the same one used to argue against server-side ignore lists, which you advocated for a few posts ago? Something to consider.


Lol, if you say so chief. I can see a pretty clear difference between “I don’t want to group with this person again and I don’t have to” and “For the crime of not wanting to group with me anymore, I sentence this person to be locked out of group content for thirty minutes, even though I have no way of knowing or being influenced by whatever they’re doing once they leave” even if you discount the fact that one of those systems is demonstrably wide open to easy abuse. Maybe that’s just me though. :v:


Okay, how about if someone has initiated a vote to retreat, kicking them will give them the deserter debuff?


I’d rather have more reliable group finder functionality mid-dungeon instead of trying to circumvent how trash the group finder is using stricter deserter conditions.

The only reason “deserting” is an issue is because the finder makes it an issue. You wouldn’t mind kicking some guy if the replacement would arrive in 5 seconds. There would be no reason to have him penalized if him leaving didn’t inconvenience your group indefinitely.

Someone drops mid-dungeon: kicked, crashed, disconnected, willingly left, doesn’t matter. The group finder should find a replacement. Right now it doesn’t always do that. Even if there are players currently queued in the appropriate tier for the appropriate role, the finder usually ignores them. Maybe there’s a cooldown, maybe there’s some kind of blacklist system. I really have no idea why it is as it is.

Consider the group finder as a subject of another quality of life update, if another happens again.


[Misc] Please remove the “You need to progress further through the Story mission.” restriction, so players can travel to any zone without being forced to complete some objective.



In the Auction House, please add a column with price per item which equals total price divided by number of item in the stack.


[Suggestion] It’s something I would loved seeing with the introduction of New Dawn but maybe possible with the next zone: Could we order these either based either alphabet or in the order we normally get to those zones instead of the mixed mess it’s right now?

What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?

Whenever we get the remaining dungeons back, it would be really cool if the groupfinder would never put you in the last instance anyone in the group ran (this currently doesn’t work as there are only 5 dungeon instances). It’s kind of frustrating when RNG hates you and gives you 6 Hell Raised dungeons in a row.


But maybe I want a sentient cog.

But yeah RNG tends to do that. Looks at Castle scenario that won’t go away with pure hatred


Also I’ve had to ask to be kicked out of Darkness Wars once because I got the bug where it’s dark and /reloadui wasn’t working. If being kicked gave you the deserter debuff, then that would’ve been unfair to someone who asked for it because they couldn’t continue the dungeon due to a bug or an unforeseen circumstance.

So I find this suggestion to be rather worrying on that level.


End process (not close program) and re-log.


/reloadui usually fixes that problem.


There are two black screen bugs in DW; /reloadui doesn’t fix the one that occurs early on (by the spiny circle guy).

Killing the process and relogging should fix it, though, and stands a chance of staying in the group.


[Items/Pets] Broom skin for Hammer


[Achievements] - add a subcategory in Bosses achievement section for rare minibosses from dungeons


I know most people probably don’t use the ingame web browser, but please please please make it default to a blank page instead of the the secret world website. I don’t think anyone ever uses the ingame browser to check out the secret world website. Bonus points if the blank page is transparent, allowing you to read urls from quest updates at the same time as typing them in.

Another great feature would be to not close any open inventory/auction/achievement/map/etc windows when alt+tabbing.


Since alt closes the UI by default, I’m not sure how practical it is to prevent that happening on alt+tab. If UI mode worked like a desktop and remembered what was open and where when toggled on off, that would fix it though.

Also an option to use the system browser rather than the in-game one would be nice.


[Items/Pets] Broom sprint for riding