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1.) The AH needs better search options. Can we get options to search for special (red background) items for each talisman / weapon category. This can be done if you know the name of the one you are looking for, but makes it hard when searching around for skins and such. Also while adding allow either * wildcards in searches or give checks/pull downs for pip and type (of energy, of havok, etc). The wildcard would allow searches like:

desp * havok * III to find all Fuming Despoilers of Havok Mark III
[edit] apparently forum doesn’t like asterisks

2.) Look into talking to some of your modders to incorporate mods into the base. Some of these should be standard.

Echoing the request for more info on the 64 bit client as well.


I feel that’s an abandoned promise at this point. Prove me wrong, FC.

Also, I posted this on Reddit a while back. Still needs attention. Just straight up copy/pasting from Reddit:

Well. Elemental and Rifles are getting some love this upcoming QoL patch, so I figure it’s time to start complaining a little louder about Shotguns.

Don’t get me wrong, I think SG is a great, well rounded weapon, but the mechanics are borked pretty bad by design oversight and some nasty bugs.

Here’s a list. Feel free to add to it.

Reconstituting Shells has delay
When you use Reconstituting Shells, there is a full 1 second delay (it might actually be longer) before the heal happens. This ability is an instant cast and it’s off of the GCD because it’s supposed to be an “Oh, ■■■■!” button. Please remove this delay, the healing should be instant. The cleanse is instant (on the caster), so why not the heal? There have been instances where I’ve used it, died, and then had my corpse receive the heal.

Trying to reload right as combat ends uses ability
If you try to reload at the same moment that combat ends, you can end up using some ability on your bar. Typically, this is just an annoyance, but I’ve accidentally pulled a group that I wasn’t planning to pull because of this. I don’t know what kind of solution could be done here, but something needs to be done. You know how you got Elemental to work without the bar flip? Maybe come up with something like that here. I don’t know. Anything.

Leaving combat with 0 shells before you can reload = wait time to regen shells
If you have zero shells when you end combat you have to stand around and wait for your shells to reload themselves. When you’re doing solo crap or right after a dungeon boss, this is ok, but if you are in the middle of a scenario, for instance, and you lose combat with zero shells just to go right back into combat? Now you have one or two shells for the next fight instead of the 6 you would get from a reload. There is also the nasty problem of some bosses dropping combat on you at random points. Ahnk 6 for instance can do this. You drop combat for a split second, but go right back into combat meaning if you had 0 shells when that happens, you will regen only a single shell. Not bad on that boss, but there are other cases where something like this happens. Leaving combat should give you 6 shells. You shouldn’t have to wait if it means getting rid of this problem. No other weapon requires you to wait between fights just because your gimmick was timed incorrectly when combat ended. Why should SG?

Why is there a gcd on reloading?
While we’re talking about reloading, why the hell is there a cooldown on reloading shells? Am I the only one who thinks this should be instant? Oh, it would clip the animation. So what? This game isn’t about watching purdy animations all day. The delay on attacking after a reload has gotten me into trouble many times. You know that whole 1 shell thing I mentioned above? If you somehow drop combat and end up with one shell and then get back into combat again while in a dungeon, good luck holding threat with one shell plus a cooldown before you can attack again if you have more than one target.

Elites requiring minimum shells
Why do two of the shotgun elites REQUIRE you to have a minimum number of shells? Why not instead have it require UP TO that number of shells with scaling damage the way Kneecapper does? Yea, ok, it might end up not making sense with the animations. Again, so what?

As /u/DigitalVibrations points out below, Cleanup requires 5 shells as well and causes a whole host of problems making it a nearly useless ability to slot.

Can’t reload after crash sometimes
After crashing, you sometimes get a bug where you can spend your shells, but you can’t reload your shotgun until after you die. So even if you somehow miraculously survive during a boss fight, you’re boned anyways. Happened to me on DW6 tonight. Crashed on an add phase while Viking Jesus was up, so everybody was one shotting the adds when they stood up. Gave me time to get back in, but just using my offhand I couldn’t hold aggro, especially after Concuss wiped it.

Glutton for Punishment taunt doesn’t work half the time
The taunt on Glutton for Punishment has either a broken radius or it affects the incorrect number of targets. Since I started using Into the Fray instead, I’ve realized that the taunt problem is just GfP. It seems to always work fine on single targets, but once you have a lot of adds up it fails spectacularly, only taunting two, maybe three out of a pack even when you’re right in the middle of them. Into the Fray has never seemed to fail to taunt the maximum number of mobs from your point of impact. The biggest drawback is the minimum range on it, so I’d much prefer GfP in most circumstances, but it’s unreliable as a taunt.

Can’t change shell type out of combat
Well, technically you can, but only if you count switching to Dragon’s Breath. What if using Shell Salvage out of combat forced the reload swap bar to stay up for a few seconds? I don’t see any real problem with that. You know what, why not do this anyways if you exit combat with zero shells. Just keep the reload bar up. There’s no need to just default back to whatever shells you had and call it a day. Just leave the reload bar up, I can choose to reload what I want. It solves the problem of accidentally using an ability at the end of combat with 0 shells and it solves the problem of quickly exiting and reentering combat with 0 shells. Just leave the damn swap bar up regardless of whether you’re in combat or not. There’s no reason for it to go away at all. I’m not suddenly going to forget how to reload just because I’m out of combat.

Shotguns and Barflipping

So… feels like you might be using some stock word list. Can’t even say things like b-u-t-t and c-r-a-p. Not that I approve of any wordlist given the nature of FC games. I just don’t want to have to keep going out of my way to uncensor even the most PG words like the aforementioned b-u-t-t and c-r-a-p, etc.

Silly Question: Censor?

[Abilities, Tanking] While they are at it they should remove the healing/cleansing abilities from shotgun and replace them with actual tank abilities (such as abilities than take advantage of it being the only ranged tank weapon), make Chaos’ distortion passive stack protection bonuses (not just charges), combine several of chaos’ universal passives together and make additional passives that place paradox results more reliably in the hands of the player (rather than relying solely on random chance and special weapon effects), and add bonus paradox generating boosts to a few passives (similar to how extra rage is so easy to obtain for hammer)

Just to name a few.

Edit Oh and maybe add more protection aspects to all healing weapons. I use blood/shotgun on my healer because it offers a substantial heal + protection + cleanse, which is perfectly within the role of a healer yet its a tank weapon.

Same with pistol, a dps weapon that heals/cleanses, its cute but when it becomes mandatory in a group’s makeup of 4dps/1tank for 2 to use pistol solely for the cleanse/heal, something is wrong.


More sources of Komainu (sp? jade dogs in lair) would be nice, outside of the lair. Something that does not require a whole group to farm?


[Abilities] Rework Chaos ability distortion mechanics. As for now there 3 tanking weapons in game - hammer, chaos and shotgun with each weapon having 3 energy primal hate generator ability.
Hammer - Pulverize : melee hate renerator. When enraged hp increased by 30% which is great add to overall tank EHP and pretty much essential on endgame content (bursting health numbers up to 30K+).
Shotgun - Rocket Pod : first advantage it is ranged hate generator which is great utility in many encounters, second passive adds stackable protection bonus (up to 35% EHP gain).
Chaos - Distortion : melee hate generator. Without passive doesnt have any bonus effect or advantage. Veil Deformity passive gives 950 protection bonus (when the stacks are active) and targets attacker dealt back small amount of damage if attacked.

The problem is : Hammer and Shotgun hate power abilities are focused on one aspect. Pulverize - effectively increases health, Rocket Pod (with passive) - effectively increases protection. Distortion (with passive) - effectively does NOTHING useful, comparison of EHP gains of distortion (+4%EHP) and Rocket Pod (+35%EHP) is laughable and little bonus damage which is not even having hate modifier to be effective is close to non-existant in the endgame.
Solution : Change Veil of deformity passive mechanics. Hammer is built around health manipulation. Shotgun is build around pure mitigation. Chaos is (as I think) should be built around evasion. Veil of Deformity new passive mechanic : while using distortion on enemy chaos user gains stacks up to 6. each stack adds 6% evasion chance (up to 36% max). While being hit chaos user loses one stack. After reaching max number of stacks (6 stacks), new stacks cannot be gained until current stacks is reseted (drops to 0). After that new stacks can be gained.
In any case Distortion its the key single target ability of chaos users, so it must be reworked, because as for now it seems like a beer league ability in comparison with other tanking weapon power moves.

[PvE] 1.) After completion of Season 2 development bringing the remaining 3 dungeons (HF, SH and Facility) up to Elite tiers should be one of the remaining priorities.
2.) Reduce Elite dungeon tiers from 10 to at least 6 (current game 1,3,5,8,10) to unite already pretty thin player base around group content.

[PvP] I will be very original here. BRING BACK OLD PVP MAPS ASAP. Community doesnt ask to create BRAND NEW PvP content because everyone realizes that it is not focus of the game and it is not possible under current conditions, but bringing back already existing PvP maps shouldnt be out of your league. Reintroducing real PvP (I am not talking about Shambala) in SWL will bring splash of interest to the game from players, especially people who didn`t play TSW before.

[Cabal] Remove the restrictions of cabal bank for non-patrons. While the intention of restriction is very clear but it is just plain bad design move. It can be easily ignored/avoided (every cabal has handful of patrons) but just ■■■■■■ off people. Patronage should grant bonuses to players (XP, shards, MoF, Cache) but shouldn`t restrict players in cabal management.

[Interface] Rework AH interface. Make it possible to view your own auction items listings (price, time of expiration).

[Misc] 1.) While it was also very clear decision of bringing all the HUB functions to Agartha, but people who have lag/fps issues should also have alternatives. Bring AH, vendors and training dummies to Seoul, London and Tokyo.

2.) Player housing : a long-shot for sure but the idea of making player housing available and selling housing cosmetics/items for MoF/Aurum would benefit both developer and players.


[PvP] Add Fusang and Stonehenge

Despite everything Tilty said about your internal stats, Shambala was never popular among the core PvP community in TSW. I’ve spoken to enough PvP’ers and the general consensus was, the map lacks strategic depth. Most of Shambalas player base consisted of people who wanted the “PvP” signets that were only accessible through Shambala. Now that Shambala no longer has special rewards this becomes pretty evident.

I’m not asking for El Dorado because it already had major balance issues in TSW, and I believe some of the changes in SWL might further highlight those problems. Considering the team size and what is going on in the background I’m not delusional enough to believe Funcom would allocate the required resources to rework the map. Stonehenge and Fusang on the other hand were in a pretty good shape when it comes to their core mechanics and mostly suffered from the low population of TSW and premade groups (specifically in SH). So separating the group and single queue would be the only actualy change needed.


For shotgun reloading outside of combat, I’d suggest not having the shotgun auto-reload when combat ends (just wait for us to press a button) but instead make the shotgun instantly fill to six of the current shell when combat starts.

That way, you don’t accidentally use an ability when trying to reload, you aren’t denied the chance to change ammo types by combat ending and although we can keep the “one shell at a time” reloading effect on the UI, we still enter combat with a full six shells.

Seance circles improvement?!

[Misc] Monetisation may need a review. After playing for a few months, i noticed that the lack of diversity in fusion material (ie. only epic ones) makes me less incentivized to actually spend money in game to by passs progression. Introducing more diversity both in term of fusion material and prices would help greatly. For example: 2.5$ for a Blue fusion material, 7.5$ for an Epic one and 15$ for a legendary one would certainly trigger more money spending (ie 25$ per talisman/weapon). many thanks


[Abilities] Bit of a pipe dream this one but would it be possible to rework the tanking weapons so that instead of having 3 aggro attacks and 3 non-aggro attacks, all 6 attacks generated extra threat if you had your anima allocation set to over 50% survivability? I know I’d love the extra flexibility of being able to use a 3-energy aoe or a single target basic attack when tanking, for example.


[Items/Pets] PET ENABLED MOTORCYCLE SIDECARS (Asking for a friend :dog2:)


[Misc] Any chance there will be something new to use Third Age Fragments on, or an option to convert it to another currency perhaps?
Currently sitting on 5,000 and have nothing to use it for (already bought what I can with them).


On the shell change out of combat thing. Sometimes you want the original shells back and and they’re not an option. Sometimes you get a bad roll and get 5 green shells and while questing in these cases I’ll sit there and get beat on until my hammer gets enough energy back to refill so I can let my purple shells come back post combat.


[Misc] We do lack an emote tag…but that’S not my suggestion. My suggestion is in implementing the move Uta does when casting “Honorable Combat” as playeremote. You don’T even need to create new stuff…the move is already there.
Pretty please?


Isn’t that /bow_formal ? Is it not available to buy? If it’s not it should be!


No that’s when she leaves combat and gets the shield. Honorable Combat comes with some martial art movement that suggest she is getting ready.


[misc] Gaia Doors for instanced player housing.

There’s no need to build in-world locations for player housing if there are just subtly glowy doors, kind of like Agartha entrances, that normals wouldn’t be able to see or use, that take us to our private space. Maybe not as overgrown as a full Agartha entrance, but just an out of place door with a more natural look than the rest of the area. There could be one or two in each hub, in Agartha itself, maybe even some in playfield safe zones.

There could be a variety of apartments to choose from on the other side of that door, obviously including the one from the introduction and typical Seoul and London flats. Amenities inside, like a chest / safe / bank terminal, a PC for market transactions and mail, maybe even an anima shard-powered replicator/vending machine/mini-custodian butler. That could probably be customized.

Access could be set, probably by a panel next to the door, to allow public access, cabal, team, friends (owner and visitor both on each other’s friends list), or invitation only (new invite/uninvite houseguest option in friends list). When /using/ a Gaia Door, we’d be presented with a list of doors we know and have access to and a field to enter the addresses of new ones. Enter the name of the player you want to visit and, if you have access, you step through into their place. When you leave, you can go back where you came from, or the “location” their door defaults to, if you have a teleport for that zone.

Cabals could also have a group space, a clubhouse, control center, a dojo, an office, a dimly lit warehouse, a night club, a library, a spa, a dance studio, whatever they choose and/or buy. This would be a good opportunity to sell more options as you add them. Those should probably have interior doors that can be set for cabal-only access if the rest is public. For example, if they run a shop and have an NPC selling their wares out front and a private meeting room in back.

Maybe hold contests or raffles, or just straight up /sell/ advertising space to put up approved posters next to some of the doors, advertising an address for players to enter a cabal’s public space. Just use the Gaia Door and enter the cabal’s name. Or let us submit flyers in some specified format, and once they’re approved, they appear in a random rotation on game items, like the fashion magazines.

We would, of course, require some furniture and decorations to personalize our space with. And it would be cool to meet with our network agents there now and then. Have a pet or two running around there already when we arrive. And extra storage shelves for things like the museum pieces we can’t use in the museum yet.

Teleporting straight into our apartment or cabal HQ from the field via the teleport menu is kind of a given. Teleporting to someone else’s space then just takes a teleport home, a step outside, and turning around and clicking the door.

A simple, default apartment should be available to everyone from the start. After all, we had one before we were recruited. It wasn’t much, but it was ours. Just needs a little… tidying up. There should probably be a choice of a few different styles of basic apartments, at least one for each hub. Bigger and better apartments or other personal spaces would probably cost Marks or Aurum, depending on how much bigger and better they get.

Windows would be an issue, I suppose. The hub apartments would do well with a view overlooking their city, and it’s not unusual for apartments to not have a view of the street their door is on. I suppose the others could be anywhere. Some might not have any windows at all, just steel and concrete, but most should probably be /somewhere/, even if it’s in Agartha. The cabal storefronts would be tricky. A static view of the street the door is on, maybe with NPCs wandering by, would probably work, but there wouldn’t be a view in from the outside. Maybe some of the doors have windows to the sides, but they’re mostly covered with those posters I mentioned earlier.


That goes with the “Choose shell type while out of combat” suggestion. Your argument is moot in this regard.


[Interface] Make an option to hide energy bars when full.

[Interface] Make an option to hide weapon status indicators when in an idle state.
A few examples:
Rifle - when no grenade are loaded.
Elemental - Heat at 0.
Pistol - no matching chambers.

Shotgun should probably be an exception.


Had a supply delivery in Castle scenario. The 3rd delivery crate ended up in an inaccessible spot. It’s above the little room behind the survivors. There is no way up there.