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[PvE] I would suggest a simple change to the castle scenario map. Please remove these doors as they are a major hindrance that make the scenario harder than it already is. (Reason mainly since you want to go through it a lot to pull filth mobs away from survivors before you kill them and it leads to the best space for it but can easily get you stuck even if you are really careful leading to unnecessary damage by design)
This is a suggesting that should bring the castle more in line of difficulty with other scenarios without eating up to much resources.


pro additional search options! If one doesn’t know the specific name of an item, it can be quite the pain looking for something. Just browsing to see what’s there doesn’t really work.

  • need an option to show multiple AH pages instead of just 1
  • signets serachable per slot
  • glyphs searchable per stat

Edit: Beginner’s mistake to reply to individuals instead of creating one big reply with quotes… sighs sorry.
Here’s what I’d have to add:

Rifle: I’d highly appreaciate a disable grenades / stop generating grenades option, which would in turn -of course- block me from using the specific grenade abilities. No grenades produced -> none there to be used, dig? The constant beeping and BOOM made me stop using my former favourite weapon alltogether.

Clothing slots: An additional “foot / leg accessory” slot would be nice, so we can wear socks AND shoes.

The aforementioned leads me to the next crazy idea: Give us solid bodies. Currently our agents are composed of several pieces, which often leads to visible seams, mismatched skin colours (depending on the clothing item used) and of course whole parts of our bodies missing. While the seams are a minor issue, they are not a plus to have, as well as missing parts of arms and legs.
Will attach 2 screenshots of what I mean as soon as I get permission :smiley: Edit: Couldn’t find the shot of my missing knees and calves anymore.



Not really. Since they are called Gaian Doors, why not have a Tabula Rasa like background on the outside or something Agartha or Dreamer related? From honey-toned to blubber-black? Would love to see some more RPG elements in game like housing for example. Really like your ideas :slight_smile:

Would be awesome, I agree! Though it shouldn’t be our old apartment… I wouldn’t want old friends and family to know about my “job”. Would be too high a risk for them.


[Items/Pets] - Ok if you’ve known me for awhile and you might recall this from way back, but I was always very anti-mount in this game. However they’re here now and so I might as well get with the program finally. That said, I saw a Youtuber on one of these things the other day and I couldn’t help but think how cool this would be in game. And I mean the name of the company is “Polaris” so you don’t get much more perfect than that. Check it out!


[Interface] This list is a complete mess:
When you want to know if you have available missions in a certain area - you need to read whole thing to find the one you need. Would be great to rearrange the order as we open those areas in story, KM first, then SC, then BM, etc. And hubs either on top or bottom. Or at least by alphabet, though I personally always get confused by ‘the’ so I would prefer first variant.



Let players pick harder difficulties above their gear score when private team is enabled.

I would really enjoy being able to pick harder scenario difficulties when going solo, too. It can be a bit of a let down to finally reach a harder difficulty tier and find it just as dull. Being forced to slog through it just because thats how gear score shackles you is a bit naff.


A bunch of quick suggestions:

  • [PvE] Add an anima well at the pachinko parlour, it’s the only faction hub in Kaidan that doesn’t have one.
  • [PvE] Put the effigy of Sarah that Arturo gives us next to the Kaidan portal in Agartha so we can click that to trigger the cutscene for “Back to the Beginning” instead of having to run back along the branch.
  • [PvE] Make the stone dogs in the Kaidan lair activate immediately instead of randomly.
  • [Interface] Have the groupfinder show all missing roles instead of just one it picked at random.
  • [Interface] Give us the option to have sound play while the game window is in the background/minimised.
  • [Interface] Make the taskbar icon flash/play a sound when the groupfinder pops while the game window is in the background/minimised.
  • [Interface] Let us make progress towards the bonus daily challenges once we’ve completed the standard one of each category, even if we can’t have any bonus rewards until all the standard challenges are done - it’s annoying to have to do everything in two discrete steps rather than just playing naturally.
  • [Interface] Make the daily/bonus challenge for item empowerment count each item used rather than each individual click of the upgrade button.
  • [Interface] Add “Meet up” to the right click menu in the cabal tab of the friends window.
  • [Interface] Add “Invite to raid” to the right click menus in the friends window.
  • [Interface] Show character levels in the cabal tab & management window.
  • [Interface] Show the current elite level a character can queue for in the cabal tab & management window.


But Ox, if they remove wellness enigmas, how can I make a “redistribute the health” joke?


[Misc] Requested new content: Faction mission chains

I would love to see some more content that wasn’t so much part of the main storyline or regional sidequest variety, but more about our individual factions.

Maybe a rival of Kirsten Geary sends our illuminati characters on a scavenger hunt through Seoul? Maybe our Dragon agent is sent to thwart a curious Illuminati agent scavenging around in Seoul? Maybe our Templar character is sent to Seoul to claim a prize while the other two factions are busy squabbling with each other.

Or maybe they’re totally separate mission chains, handled much the way the main story mission is. If each faction had their own chain or series of chains, they could lead to interesting rewards like custom weapon skins, outfits, or mounts… we could learn more about our handlers (and their enemies or mentors) and our faction. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could even give us an option to fail our faction missions, and end up defecting to or being recruited by one of the others.

I’m as eager as anyone else to see a new zone to play in, but the only part of SWL that feels flat to me right now is our individual factions. I’d love to see some new content - ideally starting in our hub cities but taking us all over the world - that gave us some glimpse behind the curtains there.


Entering the Prison of the Unbound grants you the mission to “Kill this dungeon’s guardian”. This dungeon mission is not applicable to the Unbound and does not complete so you get stuck with it until you actually clear a dungeon.


If that’s one of the yellow diamond missions, I think you might only have to get a different yellow diamond mission to activate…? I could be wrong, I can’t remember what I did to make that go away since it’s been so long since I did that mission…


Yellow diamond? What?


looks it up on cry gaia
Hm, I guess the technical name is “assignment” mission and the yellow picture is of a broken hexagon with a scope target inside of it, rather than a diamond… I actually can’t remember if wandering around would let a random assignment mission pop up without having to do a dungeon… as I said, it’s been too long.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. :man_shrugging:


[PvE] devstream agents feedback kind of :
I really liked what the system designer was talking about - how you want to have more of systems and so on, only what I see as a problem is rewards. I realized that when I was thinking about something to look for, I was thinking about something cool, something extraordinary, but agents brings distillates mostly. The problems is that distillates and a few types of equipment is the only thing to get in Secret world - all the other things are gated behind levelling them up in a painfull way - so that is the system - you can only get some limited number of pieces of equipment and you need a lot of xps for it. And that is repetitive and boring.

And you will get always this problem - that any kind of reward will just speed up this bauble of xps and the only thing behind instead of character levels, is just OP weapons and equipment = OP players saying that everything is easy or doing the same dungeon for another bauble of xps.

I know that there is not really much of room for something else in this agent system, but some passives, which will again make the character more OP.
I guess that was the reason in TSW to have auxiliary weapons as another thing to work with, but not OP or those consumables to craft.
So I don’t know how it will looks like, maybe the Season 2 will have more of cool rewards, but generally in the game - could there be more to get than a pack of xps and passives which will make that character more powerful? So maybe adding back again atleast something similar to those mechanics from TSW would be a good start.

EDIT (to make this post even longer):
When I compare this game to Warframe, which have sometimes the opposite problem than Funcom games, they have something like glyphs - it is a simple picture of a player - so an example of sort of cool reward would be if the agent would bring another version of his picture. Looks stupid, but for some players it looks still better than a pack of xps - some players would be mad if they would get this, but I don’t know - it is just an example of what I’m talking about. And sorry if it is there already and I overlooked it (I know I’m not really careful with reading)

after the agent system went live - it looks OK, still I can imagine the different pictures of agents they could bring - like drunk picture or beaten face or different hats.

I just discovered all the cool rewards are locked behind museum grind - I will never be able to reach this without some sort of missions for museum, so well, thanks… I feel like it is pointless to say anything because casual players asked for this so long time before - I really believe this is one of the reason why you don’t have such players in this game.


He means the area based “Local bounty detected” kill missions - they show a yellow hexagon with a crosshairs in the middle of your screen when you get given one. The dungeon daily is one of those.


Oh, a bounty mission. Yea, I know what those are and yes, the daily dungeon is a bounty. What I’m saying is that the daily dungeon bounty triggers when entering the Prison of the Unbound. That’s a bug.


We could use a Trade subforum.


Much love for this!

Edit: Missions in / from the Hubs would be awesome in general


We really want to keep subcategories at a minimum as it starts getting cluttered the more things end up on the front page. So far I’m considering a Gameplay Discussion (theorycraft) category and maybe a Marketplace category, but so far am not 100% on either.

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