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The idea of one Gameplay and Theorycraft sub-section is nice. The content in it should be very fact-based and quite different material from general discussion. It would also help those who are new to SWL and are interested in theorycraft to zero-in on a specific category to browse.

The same reasoning could be applied to creating a sub-section for a Marketplace; and it would help connect buyers and sellers who are in different time zones.

If you have too many categories, Support and Bug Reports could be merged as they are related topic and content-wise. Unless, there is a reason from the Dev side that they want it separate. In the long run I can see one being more used than the other.

Otherwise I think everything that used to be in the old forums and Reddit you have covered with all the other sub-categories.

[Misc] I request that the Reddit link below (sorry haven’t looked up formatting) be stickied so it is #1 post on the main Reddit page:


It would be great (but unexpected) if you were also able to post on Reddit that Forums and Discord will be the main community channels.

This will hopefully minimise your (and other CM’s; and devs) hassle of now having 3 discussion places to moderate and respond to. I hope someday you get the go-ahead from Funcom to outright close down Reddit as it is now redundant.


Yup, I’m more than willing to be flexible on category types, I’m just trying to keep the number of categories on the frontpage to a minimum because it gets too cluttered with too many categories. I’m thinking I could combine the Bug Report category with a Feedback category (like we do on Discord) but again, trying to avoid making a ton of categories.

We’ll see how it goes; it’s super easy to change things around here so if it’s needed, we’ll do it. We need to see how things go before we make kneejerk changes though :slight_smile:


[Misc] Agent Network: Just on a side note, I really consider it weird and strange that our faction would let us have the responsibility for another agent, before they even trust us enough to hand us our first uniform / accepting us as a full member.

Suggestion: Please tie the sending and handling of agents to rank 5 and thus a later level. Until we hit that point, our agents have enough to do and new players will not run out of content anytime soon either. No need to adjust the dropping and aquisition of dossiers however. Just introduce the feature not as soon. Aside from that, much love for the network and faction interaction <3 :slight_smile:


[Misc] Forum: Have a sticky or something else for coming update(s) in the first page, like really visible.

I’m reading the new forum since yesterday and I haven’t seen anything about the update before guys start to talk about agents.


I do put stickies up on the SWL Forum frontpage under the main “Secret World Legends” category (which only admins and mods can post in). Are not seeing them when you’re at the category homepage? e.g.

Right now there should be a sticky saying ‘READ ME’


thank you andy, I’ve read the Readme but have not noticed the update lines at the bottom of the page.


[Interface] The new Agent UI is really hard to read at 1920x1080, the font is very very small (and this is on a 28" monitor). (This is an overall issue Secret World has actually.)


[Interface] "A re-design of the skill window(s)"
My own opinion, as follows;
The current skill window is an annoyance, jumping between tabs is a tedious experience, and with the Anima allocator window in place, the skill window seem alienated. No other window in the game has as much “free space” as the skill window has. Therefore, I’d like to see a change.

A more compact design allow for comparing abilities easier, and having two tabs (actives & passives) visible at all time allows for more accurate comparing between what abilities work well together, and which ones do not.

Side notes:

  • The ability to hover over “current build name” and use mouse wheel to scroll between builds.
  • The ability to hover weapon types and use the mouse wheel to scroll between the different types.
    I’ve been obsessed with scrolling lately… thanks for catering to my needs :kissing_closed_eyes:


For your rifle request they added a specific rifle to the last cache that goes that. Instead of going boom, you do a little extra damage with your grenade.

For the foot/leg thing. Only if the game does not let you wear socks with sandals.


Interesting idea, I think I’d lay it out like this though.

  • buttons to anima allocate 100% to either role the weapon serves, on the same side as the actives of that role
  • ability-specific passives next to their abilities (with 2 holes for the basics, which should really both be the 1st ability on that row)
  • non-ability-specific passives under the role they suit better (eg. in hammer, Die Hard is a tank side move)
  • slotted actives and passives all visible, not just by looking at your toolbar

Since capstones aren’t really part of the ability tree they don’t need a particular point of favor within it, just stick the button to unlock it over on the right side tooltip ui.


[Agent/Interface] on the list of available missions, please show (1) how long the mission will take (2) what assets it requires (instead of what it rewards)


[PvE/Items] Can we please standarize how shotguns are carried on the back…currently some shotguns are placed really weird on the back.


[Items/Pets] (Agents)
I feel the drop rate of these are way too low. Personal anecdote, I played all evening and didn’t find one (not counting the intial freebie), even though I was concentrating on activities that had a chance to reward one.
I don’t expect them to drop like loot boxes, but right now it seems way too low, especially for characters that have already been idle for the past few months waiting on something new, not just a new reason to once again grind out missions.


[Interface] Agent system: A mission completed icon on your characters at character selection screen would be very helpful.

UI modifications for agent system

[AGENTS] Add a ‘Fatigue’ Meter so we know when our agents are near collapsing. I’d like to know when I’ll be locked out of using my agent for 9+ hours beforehand and maybe not send them on that mission that breaks their minds.


I agree with withoutscratch on this one, it’s supposed to be hard to get them, and it’s way better this way :slight_smile:


Says who exactly?

It would have been nice to have a few easy to obtain agents to get started with, especially since the system seems designed to encourage rotating between agents rather than grinding one at a time.


I have to agree. I sent my faction recruit on her first real mission and… that’s 8 hours real time I couldn’t do anything with the new system because no agents dropped for the rest of my session. That’s just not very engaging, to say the least.


The system is made to be hard so we can spend time on it, and it makes it so much more fun when you actually get a new agent, and it gives us a reason to run missions again. I am currently running missions i haven’t touched in a long time, wich also helps me unlock more abilities and passives. In my opinion they did it right.

But i understand your point of view of wanting to get into this and really get it running. That day will come though, you just have to stick with it and before you know it you will have lots of agents :slight_smile:


While I agree, that the droprates are kinda low, it is still better that way and give FC time to adjust the chances. Wouldn’t be fun if they’d drop over and over because the number was too high.

Suggestion: still do missions and give the Devs numbers to analyze