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Can’t believe you missed the biggest eye-cancerous seizure inducer out there. I am of course referring to the Ankh dungeon. Luckily, I’ve maxed my talis and weapons months ago, but I imagine not everyone is so lucky and have to suffer through the purple muahahahas.


Can you develop? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about…


Probably the purple shiny effects hell that is Dr. Klein on the bridge.

It’s particularly bad because the Ankh is dark, which makes flashy spell effects FLASHY.


Hum ok, but Ankh was always purple-heavy since TSW, i didn’t notice anything special with that dungeon personally and i didn’t hear about anybody complaining about it. I just want to figure out what’s exactly the matter apart of the fact someone dislikes… purple colors?

Edit: ok i think i’ve got it, you’re talking about Ankh2 boss - Klein on the bridge. Ok yes i guess it’s a little too shiny and can get some adjustments. Agreed and added to the existing list.


Right, Ankh 2, when Klein is shielded by the Reaper, the Reaper is down, and Klein is throwing waves. Purple effects hell :slight_smile: . It was a problem in TSW too, just not as bad because player effects didn’t stack to compound the issue.

I have minor issues with flashy graphics inducing headaches and occasionally triggering my movement disorder, and Ankh 2 would do it from time to time. Mainly I have issues when the environment is dark + spell effects.


Yeah, sorry, I meant ankh2. I checked with people who played TSW version, it wasn’t so bad before SWL. I can understand the design choice of bling blinging the player effects but upping the purple there strikes me as odd and could be reversed.


Would like to see Mjolnir toned down a lot too. I am another who can’t play any group content due to elemental and some chaos skills, found this out the hard way when I grouped with an elementalist and got a pretty bad headache and had nausea and eye twitching going on for over an hour after. Was rather upsetting because I had intended to tank. I know others too who quit over this, one due to migraines and the other due to fantasy style spell effects being too immersion breaking.

Ideally an option to disable friendly spell effects could be added in settings.


This would be a good compromise, especially since most abilities that give positive effects to you/friendly targets (though not all IIRC - I don’t think Eldritch Scourge does) give you a little buff square as well, so people would still know that the effect is in progress. The only one that might cause an issue being turned off entirely is Wild Surge, which relies on people having a visible AoE to be inside to get the benefit.


This isn’t the “only” issue. As a tank, i want to see any friendly ground AoE so i don’t move the boss out of them and keep it in as long as possible. There needs to be a middle ground imo, such as a slider to see them more or less shiny, and/or a complete rework of the graphics of these abilities. TLDR: we need to be able to see things in a clear manner, and graphics need to be soft and not flashy. I want to see a Blizzard (for instance) on the ground when i tank the boss, i just don’t want to be blinded by it and i don’t want it to mask enemy ground AoEs.


[Items/pets] items specially non tanking weapons like blade that has warding suffix this item does not give any incentive to the player unlike other suffix.

Since blade skills does not generate hate it is useless for blade users.

Make warding a hate generating stats or atleast give it some hate generation.
back the hate generators of blade skills


[Interface]/[Misc] How about a Simplified Spell Effects option?

I don’t have medical issues with the effects, even in big piles like Talos fights, but I do have trouble telling what is going on with so many extreme visual effects overlapping. A lot of them I’m just not used to because I mostly only see my own few. Luckily, the Talos fights are easy enough I can mostly just ignore it all anyway. And somehow my current system seems to be handling it okay, but that wasn’t always the case.

It would be a bit more work than an “effects off” switch, which can actually be done through client variables, but how about an option for “Simplified Effects”? Maybe it could even be a slider in the Advanced Video Options, like the one for Environmental Effects detail.

… actually, now that I look again, that’s pretty much what Szalord’s last post said.


Hey @Szalord . While I can’t promise anything immediate at this time, I’ll make sure devs are aware of VFX/SFX that may be getting in the way during bossfights.


I hope developers are also aware about that one ability I mentioned few times on Discord, too. I’m sorry I have no idea which one it is but it makes image on my screen flinch which makes my eyes hurt. I’d really appreciate it fixed. :disappointed_relieved:


I know some fist abilities warp the screen of everyone close enough, is that what you mean?


For the folks getting headaches, how bright are the rooms you’re playing in? Sufficient ambient lighting can play a huge role in eye comfort.


I have the overhead light in my room on at all times whenever I am on my computer. I have tried about everything I can think of to not have an issue but there is nothing for me that fixes the problems caused by flashy effects.


I think so.
Also my case is not headache and I have plenty lights around my workplace and all lamps are on in the evening. :<


[Interface] Is it possible that you could add a slash command /logout so that it will be more intuitive for most players. /camp is a very old term and a lot of new players may not be aware of it but /logout is more standardized and so I hope you can add it.


/camp really should make you strike a fabulous pose.


Or pitch a tent.