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xD I’m not asking for anything here.
Just don’t get the point of : “expand the cabal bank, not as a default from the get go, but through cabal points”
Getting more cabal space than the default through cabal activities would be nice.
But reducing the cabal bank default space in tiny cabals is not.


Never said anything about reducing the current space. Expand on the default we have. Nowhere did i mention reducing anything of what we have now.


Then I misunderstood the “not as a default from the get go” quote.
My bad :wink:


Assault rifles without explosions

  • Hellfire rifle already in use. Still, with a fist/rifle heal build I sometimes do not launch a AR power ability every 5secs or so. The constant BOOM BOOM BOOM is so annoying and unnecessary. I’d like to see a passive ability or weapon ability, that removes the time based launch and replaces it with a “if you launch a power ability, your grenade will be used up in the process”.

I know I wrote something similar before, but was given the advice to use the Hellfire Launcher AR to counter the grenades a bit. So I wanted to try that out before coming back here again. Please note: I don’t care one bit about the damage the grenades deal to me and I know about the passive to remove said damage or the one that expands the cooking to 9s.
What I would like is ANY option whatsoever that enables me to use my AR without forced explosions in my face. I gladly pay for that option with reduced DPS output and since it will only be a pasive / weapon passive it won’t affect any other players who don’t mind explosions.
I don’t want to remove the mechanic or cancel the loading of grenades. Those are fun to a lot of people, while to me it is plainly aggravating.

Please Devs, consider one tiny option like this.
Edit: I wouldn’t even mind if you made that special weapon a cash shop item. I am more than willing to pay up to 10 bucks for it. Honestly.


I’ve literally just returned to SWL after about three years break, so please forgive me if I’ve missed anything that’s been already said on subject. That said, from what I’ve heard and read, it seems that the biggest issue with PVP is that balancing ruins PVE experience.
So why not go for a different solution altogether?
What I’m talking about is implementing a battle royale mode.
Everyone would start ,naked" and in the process gather weapons which give predetermined abilities. Say, MK I weapon would grant one active and one passive. MK II - two, etc. This would allow developers to handpick abilities with no impact to PVE and even if some builds would be more powerful than others - it would still work (think PUBG - some weapons are better than others, yet it still is immensely fun to play).
And same old playfields could be used, like Kingsmouth for example.

Also, before someone goes “battle royale is fps genre only”, there are certain games, even MMOs where it has been implemented successfully (A mobile “MMO” Crusaders of Light has something similar to this, I’ve tried it out recently and it’s working quite well).

Also, it would make all PVPers equal in this mode, a two hour character wouldn’t be weaker than one year old one.


I don’t like the grenades. They’re really just not my style. Sniping kinda is, but these grenades have a mind of their own, and that’s exactly the opposite of what I want in my rifle. I wanted to give them a try because that’s the whole AR gimmick, but now I really wish I’d never bought any grenade abilities so they wouldn’t even load.

Could we please get a sniper rifle with no grenade launcher? Maybe give it a bonus to range and single shot crit damage on unaware targets, but even if the only change is just not loading grenades at all, I’d switch to that as soon as possible.



Please add an option to disable group effects. The elemental lightning stuff especially is pretty bad and I can now understand why my wife can’t play in groups now. I have been trying to help her get Talos of Gaia lore 11 which still hasn’t dropped and the headaches are about to make me give up.


Do you even read, bro? :smiley:

I tried. The HELLFIRE AR is not a solution and won’t hinder the grenades to blow up in your face.


I agree. Haveing a free for all smash Bros style PVP would be interesting.


I participated in the Moto bike race last Friday. It’d be great to have a que-in-PVP version of that. Multiple courses… maybe a flaming chainsaw or two…

It would be cool to have a one Vs many PVP que where one guy got to be big like the hatekeeper. Everybody else would try to beat the stuffing outta them like a piñata… If, we beat it up, we get candy… or aurum. If the HK deserts or freezes then another AI hatekeeper comes in and takes over. And… the HK could win. There could be a high score kept.

Please, add damage done per boss/raid like you have for Shambala. I’m not downloading a mod. I do not want troubles everytime a new patch comes out.

Please, add another page for builds. I’m having to delete builds I don’t use often enough. Builds I’d like to keep. Make it available for aurum.

I have a friend who still wants a in-game panda onesie. It’s kinda become a life or death matter…


Please consider adding a high score for things…


I noticed while in mall-argatha it’s really fun jumping from platform to platform on those spring thingys… ever see the anime Keijo? Kinda reminds me of that. Could we have a PVP deal where we could bonk into one another using those spring thingys? Or… even a mission that used those spring thingys as a horrendously difficult platformer… or both.


You might want to try the BooBuilds mod.


How about a PvP mode where each team has to capture and hold as many areas as possible by standing in them, accruing points for each area held, until a time limit or total domination? Call it something like Agarthi Basin.

Alternatively, and a bit less plagiary, thinking about the popularity of the World Cup, you could have two teams beat the crap out of each other, and at the end of a set period (like 30 or 45 seconds) teams are scored on number of people still standing, then everyone respawns and play resumes. Highest score over the winning threshold wins, with instant knockout in the event of a tie. Put hazards in the playfield, move spawn points around between periods, things like that.

As with all such ideas, it sounds amazing in the OP’s head, but no-doubt it’s terribly planned and utterly flawed :stuck_out_tongue:


Free Brewed Ergot and Fireworks on May 17th, the Norwegian Constitution Day.


Ditto, but Nirvelle suggested they’d rather put in new stuff, so figured I’d suggest something for that. I loved Stonehenge and El Dorado, probably because I’d loved Arathi Basin in WoW.


We have a huge problem with some spell effects. One of people in our group cannot play any group content with us anymore because that person figured out why they’ve been getting headaches : it is because of Blizzard.

In general, the following ability graphical effects are way too flashy and are either masking enemy ground effects, or just literally blinding up people / giving headache (in order of importance, most important ones in the top of the list):

  • Wings (it’s literally almost impossible to see anything AT ALL after someone uses wings, and i wonder how epileptic or eye sensible people can even play with this ability)
  • Blizzard (ground effect masking everything)
  • High Explosive Grenade (the persistant ground effect - see Blizzard)
  • Burning Wrath (same as Blizzard)
  • Cacophony (an attack from doppelgangers)
  • Doppelgangers - i’d appreciate if we maybe had the option to not even see at all the other player’s doppelgangers (or just put a toggle option for it since some people might want to still see them in PvP?)
  • Singularities (too outstanding graphics, and too flashy when exploding)
  • Crystallized Flame / Blaze / Frost / Storm (to a lesser degree, but still very graphically outstanding)
  • Flicker’s ground effect (tone down a bit)
  • Savage Sweep (animation is way too big for its real effect)
  • Regeneration (the screen tearing still exists, even if it happens less often than in TSW with Fired Up)
  • Blood abilities like shields or healing from Eldritch Scourge might need a tone down imo.
  • Anomaly (tone it down a bit)
  • Bombardment (tone it down a bit)

Another issue is about some abilities doing way too much noise:

  • Swallow Cut (and maybe some other blade abilities’ swings)
  • Crystallized Blaze (too spammy with the amount of ticks)
  • Pistol sounds for other people are a bit spammy.

Additional issues:

  • Ankh - 2nd boss - Dr Klein on the bridge - way too flashy graphical effects (waves and motes) in darker background.

While i understand that flashy and cartoonish spell effects were meant to attract new players since it is pretty standard these days in many MMORPGs, please understand that all those effects simply do not fit this game’s atmosphere. There’s nothing more immersion-breaking than some super flashy effects in a horror-based game. Moreover, the issue goes further as i stated, and some effects are a big deal in terms of health for people (i don’t know how epileptic people can react to some of those super flashy effects such as some of the Chaos animations i’ve stated above).

If you can’t fix all of those in my lists, at least take care of the first 7, which are the most important in my opinion. Otherwise, i’d suggest to introduce a toggle in the Video Advanced Setting tab to spell effect animation coming from self, AND another trigger for spell effects coming from other people.

Last (but maybe not least), enemy ground effects usually always have outlines delimiting them (Fist attacks from Lurker). But everything related to filth ground AoEs do not have any outlines. Please, create outlines for filth surrounding filth patches so people can actually know more accurately where they can and cannot step.

@AndyB I’d like to mention you for these issues, in the hope you acknowledge it as soon as possible.

If i forgot any ability or issue related to this thread, please tell me so i add it in the list.


Communion from blood is another specific I’d add into this. If the group is close together, five rather large shield effects can really get in the way.


I don’t really get headaches and I don’t play with sound on however I have always wanted the option to have a simplified AoE mode, no effects other then simple outlines indicating the area of effect. I think it would greatly reduce the strain on people’s computers and make it far easier to see overlapping mechanics. Not that it’s a huge deal currently but if this were to happen for both PvP and PVE it would be nice to have 2 simplified outlines. Red for hostile and green for friendly aoes.


Yep, already put that, look at this sentence:

“Blood abilities like shields or healing from Eldritch Scourge might need a tone down imo.” I definitely had things like Communion in mind.