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Funcom–start a Kickstarter or something with the stated aim of raising money for continuing SWL development. Give us a way to financially contribute to keeping the gaming universe that we love alive.


How do I disagree with myself?

Your post is still there. Saying they are technically not wrong and that there is a language technicality. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are in the time following. They are technically correct and can still release the rest of the stuff.

I didn’t say any of that. There is a difference between breaking a promise and not fulfilling a promise. The whole issue here is that they promised something and did not deliver it.

And if you want to get really technical, then we are long past “the time following the relaunch”, we had “time following the release of SA”, “time following the release of OD”, “DA” and we are now in time 'following the rebalance patch". It’s all wordplay to cover up the fact that the content is. not. in. the. game.

Contrast the wording of paragraph in question with the very next question about the upcoming content for SWL.

We have plans to create all-new story-driven content for Secret World Legends in the future, which we’ll be able to discuss in more detail after the relaunch of the game.

That one is actually worded properly. It doesn’t say what that content will be, how much of it is planned, doesn’t promise any continuos content releases or even promise to release anything at all. And in that case they exceeded what they promised. Unlike the other one.

Yes you did.Polin said:

As I said.

This is something you do not get to decide. Like you are not able to decide anything or know anything going on behind the scenes.

You are saying the wrote the faq a long time ago covering up the fact that years later to cover up the fact its still not in. Time travellers confirmed.

The entire thing you’re quoting is an example of how using language technicalities is not an argument. It’s not that hard to understand. That why I say if

Since you start reading seemingly whatever you want in what I say, I’ll stop this conversation until the actual content is in the game.


But, what about those bunny ears in different colors though?
Are we getting those? Come on! It’s the year of the Bunny! :rabbit:
Just look at Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn. See how she totally loves them? :slight_smile:



At the VERY LEAST can’t you at least give us some low-effort Elite Facility and SH dungeons, by just scaling the boss damage and health percentages up, so that we have more than FIVE elite dungeons to run in this game THAT WE ARE STILL PAYING YOU FOR?

We need more progression content. There’s just not enough to do at endgame, especially after five years. You owe us something for all they money you’ve been sucking out of us to fund other games.

Add Elite Levels 18-19 and 20 (or just call them Nightmares) as the next two Dungeon/Raid/Scenario/Dark Agartha/Paragon Mission tiers, and have the Dungeon/Raid End Bosses drop special fusion tokens (‘Filth Salvaged’ tokens?) which, when combined with level 70 red gear pieces, upgrade them to a new ‘Nightmare’ gear tier (styled black/dark grey.)

Meanwhile, add Augments to OD Level 34+/S+P e18, 19, and 20 levels and to the Paragon Mission Chests (things like +5% damage to an ability, +5% crit chance to an ability, etc) so that we can better customize our builds to our own unique playstyles.

Give us a way to port to special, ‘hard-mode’ versions of existing Lairs/Regionals, which drop purple/gold distillates instead of blue.

Turn some of the better/cooler fights/missions from the game into Paragon Missions or Dungeons like Penthouse: the fight against Beaumont, the Mitsubashi in the Tower, the final Train to Cairo gauntlet in Egypt, the Nursery missions in Carpathian Fangs, the Fear Nothing Foundation’s Secret Clubhouse, etc. Obviously some would work better as solo paragon missions, some would be fun as dungeons.

Add the missing Elite Dungeons (Facility, Slaughterhouse, HF, MFA/MFB) and raids (Eidolon, Flappy.)

**If it is ‘too hard’ to adapt the old MFA/MFB dungeons AS dungeons, turn them into soloable Paragon missions with activatable Aegis Towers, instead. Find some way to use all that missing content so we can finally get the end of the Tokyo storyline in-game.

You guys could continue making money off us for another five years or more (we LOVE this game, people would absolutely come back for MORE TO DO), if you would just invest a little in us now and again.

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Also: Please change the rewards for Scenarios so that they give half Glyph distillate and half Signet distillate. With the declining game population it is becoming increasingly difficult to find groups for lairs or regionals, and even Megaboss summons are growing rarer. Make the signet grind a little easier by adding them to the reward pool for scenarios.

Also: add Mei-Ling’s ponytail to hairstyle options for female characters, please! I don’t care if it clips. The current ponytail choices are too thin/short/lack volume to look good.

Also: give us ‘Superhero Landings’ when we fall from a certain height (off a building in Tokyo, for example, or a cliff in CoTSG)–i.e. take the sound fx/graphic effects from the landing we make in Facility between boss 1 and boss two and make that happen every time our characters fall from a certain height.

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I’m a bit torn on this tbh. On the one hand, I wholeheartedly agree that it’s much harder to level signets now, and being able to grind it solo would be really helpful. On the other hand, that would then risk there being even fewer groups for lairs/regionals, because people could simply grind scenarios instead.

When the Occult Defence scenario was first introduced, the rewards included signet distillates. When they made changes to the chests and introduced the patron chests, they then changed OD’s drops to remove the signet distillates. I don’t know if it’s related to the endless farmability of the scenarios or what, but the removal of signet dists from scenarios was very much a deliberate choice, and not one I’d expect them to undo really (as much as I would benefit personally!).

I never really had an issue levelling signets (to be fair, I don’t have 100 characters that need them either), but that is mostly connected to the fact that if I need signet distills I just organize the run myself.

The unfortunate fact is that the game is just no longer in a state where you will often see those regional runs being pugged for in LFG and while I do always pug for my regional and lair runs to increase visibility for newer players, I know of a lot of people who just do that within their own circle partially because they do it that way out of preference and partially because with declining population it’s easier to organize a 13 man raid on a schedule rather than a whim.

It does lead to a sort of a situation where people cocoon within their own groups and that might be not as easy to get to, especially if you’re in an odd timezone. I would recommend joining an active cabal to alleviate the issue. I highly recommend Agnitio, to my knowledge they run the most stuff and have the biggest online numbers. Their competition has really fallen off as of late.

Yes! This is a great idea, one thing I keep saying is that SWL would have honestly been great as a first person game and fits as a hack and slash / fps hybrid really well already. Moons of Madness worked really well, so going all in on a non-linear RPG or a more combat-heavy game would be great! Hell, add co-op functionality (so long as it isn’t required) and it’d probably my game of the year, I love weirdness in my worldbuilding and so do most people I know.
I’m very excited for the TTRPG coming out, though I must admit to being disappointed when I found out it was a D&D hack but it IS probably the only time I’ve seen one where hacking D&D would actually fit for the tone and style of the game it is based on, where characters are larger than life superheroes fighting things intrinsically more powerful than humanity and are drowning in the ocean of their own ability lists.

This feedback/suggestion contains spoilers about the Kaidan storyline.

So, could we please get the option to NOT kill Uta? :heart:

If I could change just one thing in the overall storyline, I would chose to insert a non-kill option when it comes to Uta Bloody Valentine.
Yes, yes, I know, she’s a “baddie” that kills people. But really… I mean… They’re the leadership of a bad cult, so. Also, what about her history? Isn’t she kindof put in a bad situation and shaped by the rather crappy life that was dumped on her?
Doesn’t have to be a romantic storyline or anything, just, you know, when she’s beaten, give us the option to heal her/them up and let them leave? Just keep her alive for any future possible references or cameos.
I would totally 100% go for the option to heal her up and let her go, if for no other reason other than to just show her that some people do that.
I know she’s bad, but I still care for her. :heart:



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I think that this is something which could simply be open to interpretation tbh.

We know that Uta’s not going to back down without violence, so the fight is always going to happen. Her being rendered unconscious/unable to fight or being outright killed is not necessarily clear. It could be that when we return to the room we fought in, her body is missing, leaving a rabbit head and an SD card (linking it to the drops). After the fight though, Uta could use her talents to disappear. She’s no longer being controlled, so she could do anything, but would understandably try to avoid the major players of the secret world for at least a while.

That way, she survives and is out there, hopefully living a life where she can heal from her previous one. It avoids creating potential story conflicts where some players always choose to kill her, making future appearances trickier than they would need to be.


Clarification: Specifically, what I mean when I say ‘add Mei Ling’s ponytail to availiable female hairstyles’ is ‘please give us a longer/thicker ponytail w/ loose-hanging strands that frame the face.’ Let US worry about any potential clipping. If I had a longer ponytail for my toons I just wouldn’t wear any gear on my back.

AND, if you’re unwilling to add signet distillate to scenarios, please BUFF signet distill drops wherever they can currently be found in-game: Lairs, Regionals, Mega-Bosses. Increase the signet distillate level found within Lair chests to around 3000 (E5 Dungeon, Purple), the Regional Distills to around 5000 (E11), and the Mega Bosses to the same. This would increase interest in running Lairs, Regionals, and Mega Bosses so that they could compete with the non-stop E5 dungeon runs and NYR raids that now seem to be the primary form of group content that people run nowadays.

Edit: hey, I just noticed that this is the 1337th post in this thread, which I think officially makes it ‘LEET’. heh.

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Please re-release old Caches and cycle them through the year.

They do cycle, but some stick around longer than others.

They don’t cycle exactly, at least not in the same order.
There are some you won’t see/we haven’t seen for a few years. Usually happens with Infernal, Future Tech, and Witch Doctor caches. I could be forgetting some.
Luckily, Oni caches have been coming around a bit more often lately.