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polite request: can we please get a discord bot reinstated ?

With the switch to SWL, I quit playing due to the loss of my max level character. Only came back a little over a week ago. I’m falling in love with the game all over again, though I still have some complaints about the interface, but I’ll leave those out for now.

My suggestion: The Secret World: Reboot.
I don’t mean SWL from TSW kind of reboot, since that still feels like it was more of an interface reboot.

I mean, generate from a new graphics engine. Unreal5 or whatever is top dog these days. I want to see this game in 8k or even 4k, with revamped avatars (and hands! I want hands that don’t look creepy for the wrong reasons). Keep the stories and the lore and the atmosphere of the game the same. I want to see the game in all the glory my graphics card can handle (or can’t, if it means amazing details). I want to re-experience TSW all over again, with the interface of an MMO (I don’t fully like SWL interface as much as I did TSW).

I’m seeing a certain other MMO getting a massive facelift, and I really want to see TSW get the love it truly deserves. I don’t know about what the actual player-base numbers look like, but I just found out the classic servers are online (reinstalling!), which makes me feel like revamping the graphics alone would give an opportunity to revitalize the game and drop it in a market that’s screaming for something that’s not just another fantasy D&D game.

I know it’s a pipe dream, but I really want to see the game fly once more.

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Clothing suggestion: Agent turtleneck

The Turtleneck sweater is one of my favorite dresses in the game.
But could we have it in white? Maybe with a belt even? :slight_smile:

Oh and while you’re at it, maybe a proper shoulder holster and some shiny black thigh high boots, please? :slight_smile:




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Hey @Funcom !

Happy Lunar Year of the Bunny! :smiley: :rabbit:

Can we get some more Bunny ears, please?
Pretty please? With some fluffy ears on top?

There’s allready a model for bunny ears in the game, but it’s only available in black.
Can we get pink ears? White ears? Faction colored ears?
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn approves!

If you want extra credits: Anoter bunny ear model that is fluffier! :heart:

Oh, and if you want to be ready for the year of the tiger: Cat ears! :heart_eyes_cat:




Hello I am new to Secret World Legends on STEAM and for some reason the launcher is not responding after patching the game.

There was a downtime, do you still have trouble launching the game?

[Interface] Ability to mark a players on maps. It would be good if there was a special option to mark a players in a raid party. The option works on PvP and PvE maps, but only hostile NPCs can be marked. This option would be clearer and more helpful to distinguish players with tank and healer roles.

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Would be kinda cool to have for OD and lairs

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Add Elite Facility, SH, MFA, MFB, Eidolon, and Flappy as an expansion, charge whatever you want for it. We will pay for it. Just PLEASE give us the full complete game you promised us when you made us switch over to this version.

I bloody well won’t.

What about future content releases? Are those free?(FAQ - Secret World Legends)

All content will be free: current, past, and future!

That same FAQ also promises all content from TSW available in SWL so I wouldn’t take it as gospel.

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And the wording they used doesnt make them wrong. They still can.

Content promised, it’s not there. The wording they used is possible to fulfill but impossible to break as long as the game is running (which is sort of implied by the existence of the FAQ in the first place). As of now the content isn’t in the game, and that’s it. Claiming that they meant to delay the release of existing content for years is hanging on the barest of language technicalities.

So many words to say I was correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the content in the game? No. Was it promised to be in the game? Yes. Simple. Hence FAQ isn’t accurate.

You disagree with yourself on your last post? Are we not “In the time following” ?

Don’t care.