Feel like a grumble as I can’t play (Raid)

I see a pattern… nuff said! Oh wait, I best explain.

Nearly every day is seems on a server I play on, it gets ‘attacked’ and is down for most of the raid time. I guess it’s a ddos. I though it may be the players that lost everything from the patch, glitches and such… but I’m not so sure now.

If it was bitter cheaters, I would not expect the pattern I see… We seem to get an hour or so of raid time, then bam! As if a clan is having a little raid then when people have to go, they lag out the server.

Now I don’t know what can be done, don’t fully understand DDOSing… I thought it was something the provider was meant to detect and block. Still, it now seems to be part of the game.

A clan with an extra weapon. They pick when people get to raid, and lag the server when they are done… its normally all good again after raid time.

I have lost items a few times when it hits the server (really hurt when I lost 300 steel bars and could not get back to my body, right next to my base, where I had lagged off a clif,was only level 40 so took some time). Would be nice if Funcom had a 5 mins roll back when such an event is detected… e,g: performance of sever drops drastically, followed by a total loss of player connections (think that can take 10+ mins to happen, a total player disconnect, so maybe a 15 min rollback)

Anyways… people using outside means are controlling the flow of the game. Dictating when raid times are and for how long.

I would ask what funcom is doing about this, but I don’t want to be frustrated when they don’t respond.

Can’t fix it funcom? Then raid time to 1h till its fixed… So we can at least play the game outside of raid times, if a set of players feels we are having not raid time today :slight_smile:

added: it also can be used to lag out the server, drop all players, and get your clan on, if the server was full before ><

And, for a second i though i was mistaken… my server was back up (offical pvp)… so knock out a named thralls and drag it across the map… then bam!

so i guess the server was restarted and then knocked down again … unplayable game :frowning:

so against this is…listening funcom?, requesting a server restart does not help

so, raid time was made to cover prime time play… now what it’s done, at lest on the server i play, is lock out the server in prime time.

I say again, if i cant be fixed, reduce raid time for now. Why have 5 hours raid time, if 4 hours, the server is down? makes no scene.

and, if i’m being unreasonable, i challenge funcom again… live stream (in raid time, about an hour in) from the server i’m on :slight_smile:

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