Female Horses Never coming back?

I’d like my Horse Rin and Naomi to not have pensis.

We never got a clarification outside a Semi-Joke Answer… or English being my 2nd, I didn’t get the Joke or response.

Its been 6 months… and then some from last time it was pointed out.

I get we have bigger bugs to step on… how hard is it to not have it checkbox unchecked for thingie to not show…


The message you linked says that the intent was for all Horses to be male. I can’t pretend to know why they decided to do that. But it was pretty clear from their response that it was intended, and no fix is needed.

I suspect they wanted the horse model to be male and don’t intend to have variations outside of color. Male and female horses would double the number of models they already have. By having a single gender they cut the number of needed models in half.

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Not really no… it reads like a joke answer… itlest to me it is.
We had working horses forever And most of us were happy with it.

So getting a response that they were some how broken whole time… doesnt add up.


Explaining horse nutts in RDO was bad enough when someone caught sight of them, me trying explain horse dick to passer byers…

no thanks.

been avoiding horse use for almost 7-8 months. One of my more fave parts of game…

Looks veird… Mares could produce foals through parthenogenesis. Stallions do not have this opportunity.


That is not the case. Female horses actually still exist, they just have penises attached now.

In fact, this makes it pretty clear it was intentional, as they had to go out of their way to do that.


It’s literally the same model for both male and female horse, penis has it’s own separate model that is attached to the horse model, so it should simply have a record that says attach the body part if it’s male, do nothing if it’s female.

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Which of the horses in the datatables are male and which are female?

There is no attribute of male or female for pets or mounts. They simply have a model. Here’s where this gets a bit crazy.

Look at the recipe for White and Black horses using Tainted Fodder, ever notice why there is 4 recipes for both? If its so simple to have a model on or off, why do they have 4 recipes per color when its just a color? Surely a color should be easier than a prick on a horse right?

If they added gendered horses, you’d have 8 recipes per White and Black horse with tainted fodder. Every animal in the game is of a singular gender. To my knowledge all of them are female except for the horse since none of them have the equipment for being male. They decided to use a male part on the horse and thus made them all male.

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The sex of the horses was randomized, so two recipes was never necessary.

In the case the horse was male, an additional skeletal mesh is added. They added this to female horses too.

Horses always were and still are two sexes. What changed is that now both get the addition instead of only one.


What is the attribute for gender called in that case?

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My wife listen me laughing while i was reading this line.
She asked me why i laugh, i explained her the situation and your marvelous comment and she said… The lady is right, it’s not fair!
So you don’t have only my support my dearest @Sera67 but my wife’s too.
Other than that i was in love with the final fantasy series and i often named my white horse “Lightning”. I miss this too.


Funcom really missed a good opportunity here. They could’ve easily made all horses female instead and those that want a male horse could’ve just fed their horses a potion of endowment.:rofl::joy:

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@Tephra is correct, the gender of the horses has been preserved, they just bypassed the condition of it needing to be male to… "show the willy… "

It’s called gender :smiley: Int stat 11


I understand and respect your reasoning , but I wonder why Funcom has set separate genres for the other animals? .
We meet in Conan Exile at least two species that have two genres , gazelles and moose /elks . Males of these two species have antlers / horns . If Funcom has differentiated males from females for these two cases, why don’t they do so for other species (I am of course talking about mammals which are easily identifiable) .

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I get it.
I vaguely remember this now.
I tame a foal in the stable and it shows up as either mare or a stallion.
This I attribute to RNG
When tamed, they often show up in a random pattern as either a mare or stallion of various color patterns. It is understandably rare for one to show up as white or black, but it does happen.
It’s when we want to change their color to either solid white or black before we set them down when this odd inconsistency occurs.
I know, I thought maybe I was seeing things wrong, but paid closer attention to it the next time I wanted to check.
Sure enough, I double checked to make sure it was a mare in the stable.
Then, using a fodder to change their appearance to either white or black, it was then more often than not, their gender was changed to a stallion.

This has to be an unintentional glitch.
But yes, we still get either gender of horses which is typical RNG (50/50).
However, I discovered that using a fodder can cause that gender glitch.


There’s a real glaring problem which at one point I thought the Devs addressed.

In the wild, you grab a filly. She stays smooth throughout her life. No external anatomy ever needed. (No modeling or genitals required.)

You grab a colt. He has a dangle. When he goes through the Stable, he should come out a gelding. Which means simply a “covered” dangle.

No barbarian in his right mind would ever trust a stallion in permanent pon farr.

I submit we would be more accepting of a universally smooth model once tamed, rather than one with extra appurtenance. I wonder why this was done.


I suspect what happened was not intentional.
It must be a glitch.


I quite sympathise with @Sera67 - I remember being somewhat perturbed when Lucy suddenly developed in unexpected ways.

While I agree from a realism perspective, it is perhaps also fair to acknowledge that this is an area where REH was also an ‘offender’, with Conan reasonably frequently riding a stallion. Perhaps for reasons of machismo, or perhaps to indicate that being so ‘wild’ himself he could work in synch with a wilder horse than lesser men :man_shrugging: Either way, I would prefer a mare or a gelding if I was to for some reason need to ride into battle (post-apocalypse gas shortage maybe? :rofl:). I suppose maybe there could be some argument that a stallion would be more aggressive - so perhaps more useful in combat with limited training - but I’m reasonably sure that a well-trained gelding would be more useful, since working with the rider would be more useful than natural aggression… Anyway, I’m drifting far off topic here, just found it interesting.

Main point is that, while admittedly low on the priority order, this would seem a very simple/quick thing to fix, and I’d add my vote in favour of it being so (not that this is a democracy…).


That’s very good to know, and help me understand it a lot better. I suppose I need to bone up on my reading again!

The trick is called a “proud cut,” where the gelding retains his desire but in a muted form, and also retains a high level of machismo. Sometimes I find myself falling in the Tolkien gap, where I expect a different level of detail. Mr Howard focused on the legendary stuff, and likely anticipated Conan had less affinity for an individual horse than say, @Sera67.

To the OP, I appreciate your bringing this up!


Its very much the same question I have. Usually when a decision is made to make everything one gender when it comes to animals, the default is female. Its less work and usually players can gender the mount, pet, whatever themselves since the players’ imagination will just fill in the gap.

They decided to make horses male. Specifically, and then model the parts. I don’t know why. Maybe that is the -joke- that was referenced in the OP. Though I think they (the author of the OP) meant in reference to the official reply itself they linked. But I suspect there is an inside joke, especially given some colorful documentation in the past on modding buffs and reminding us to put in things to remove them.

I can see a reasoning for a single gender. As others pointed out that when crafting a white or black horse, the horse was always male. This was not a bug. This was using an item (the non-placed horse crafted from a foal) to craft another item. When a horse is placed, the stats and attributes (including gender) are randomized and assigned. When a horse is used to craft a black or white (and I assume the others that… maybe assumed in lore to be genderless), the male gender is assigned and not randomized.

But back to just a single gender, it makes sense from a coding standpoint not to develop some system that keeps the gender in mind from a foal to a horse to a placed horse or to a recrafted (with fodder) special horse. When there is no functional gameplay difference.

IMO they should have chosen female and gotten rid of all the other convoluted variables that go into horse attributes that have little effect on actual gameplay, but we’re going into very wide tangent territory.

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I was not aware of this - interesting - makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: I doubt that any of the geldings I’ve encountered over the years would’ve had such a cut - though I suppose there’s one or two that I might now be more suspicious of, lol (though I suspect that’s more about base temperament - and the cantankerous wisdom of riding school ponies…)

Indeed - the two pillars of fantasy (IMO) - I love Tolkein for his depth (and breadth) of world-building and, as you say, detail. I love Howard for his storytelling.

A very good point - it is not that unusual for Conan’s horse to die in the course of an adventure (thus leaving the barbarian afoot and disadvantaged, giving him more to overcome) - whereas Tolkein’s horses are more like characters in their own right and greatly cared about by the characters around them. Not that I think Conan doesn’t care at all about his mounts, but I think you are right and they are more like a tool to him than a friend or ally.

Indeed :slight_smile: (And apologies once again for being only tangentially relevant - it’s just an interesting topic :slight_smile: )