Few ideas for sorcery

I am basing all sorcery data base on corruption. Since no new info has been added about sorcery.

I want a sword spell. It’s old magic. Where the user has floating swords. I want the max sword count to be 5. This type of spell isn’t for weak sorcery users. You have to craft the swords. The player attacks with 5 swords. The sorcery user must be unarmed. All 5 swords has to be the same. This spell is equiped on the sorcery user. This spell replaces your weapon. The swords can break like all weapons. The swords used in this spell is one handed versions. This spell is not to be used lightly. Don’t waste the attack on weak enemies. Remember each sword uses durability everytime this spell is used.

Sorcery should have a new weapons called staffs,wand,scepters,floating orbs. And yes they all have durability. Staffs are used to push targets away. Orbs are very close range. Scepters are close range. Staffs are close range. Wands are close to mid range. Staffs do the most damage. Orbs do the least damage. The damage goes from most to least is staffs scepters,wand than orbs. Floating orbs are are equipment on a sorcery user. They are used as last form of defense. Floating Orbs have there own slot. None sorcery users can equip the 1 floating orb. It low tier. If your exile is 50% corrupt then 7 orbs can be used max. Sorcery was stated to use corruption.

I like to add new items called rings. Each player can equiped 2 rings. One for each hand. Rings can have a max stat of plus 5. Rings can have spells store in them. Rings can be forced bond to a player. This is done to protect these rings. Forced bond rings can’t be stolen by players. They respawn with you. To forced bond the ring must have a sorcery user do a bonding ritual. A friendly sorcery user can only bond a ring to there clan members.Be warn only plus 5 stat or a spell ring can be bonded. When a sorcerer user bonds a ring they lose all corruption. You need to be at 50% of corruption to make a bond ring. Bond rings are clan bound. Leave the clan and the ring explodes destroying the rings and inventory. Get kick out of the clan and the bond rings turn to dusk. However if you are the ring creator then the equiped bond rings on yourself go and stay with you. Meaning you created and enchanted the bond ring it stays with you no matter what. A ring of corruption can be made. It a ring that auto corrupts useful to sorcery. It auto bond to the sorcery user.

Amulet item added to the game. One equip by a player at a time. Same as rings.

Robes,boots,gloves and hoods. Robes,gloves,boots and hoods are very light armor. They offer element (heat and cold) ,poison, and disease protection. Robes and Hoods have very low armor protection.

I want to see a mirror image spell. The spell is used to distract your enemies while you escape. The images do zero damage.

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Can a Lich get a feed back?