Few questions for the experienced ones! (PvP Official)



After a break for a couple of months, i want to go back to PvP. There have been a big update, and i have some questions, just to get my head back in.

What is up with the god bubble now? Is it worth farming when it doesnt counter treb?

  • Does it still counter explosive arrows and stuff like that?

What is the best fightning thrall now, after the level guide?


Thx for help all

Seeing no one answered, I will attempt to answer (trying to remember previous patch notes and having absolutely no Official PVP experience)

Gods are disabled on Officials atm
Bubbles only stop gods nothing else
Best fighter according to Firespark’s videos: Cimmerian Beserker


Are you sure about the explosive arrows?

Like I said not completely sure, you can check the mounts update patch notes, but as far as I know everything can bypass the bubble except for gods now. Good chance that I am wrong though, will need to double check.

God bubbles do stop explosive bubbles and orbs, they do not stop trebs. Still worth farming.

I’ve seen a lot of people mention that the Berserker was so much better based on Firespark’s video, I keep wondering if they watched it before he made the on-screen annotation that the Berserker gets a 2.92 rather than a 3.92, if they only listened and didn’t watch it so they missed the annotation, or if they didn’t get the meaning of the annotation.

I would avoid (but definitely collect) the Berserker until it’s stats are fixed, and would say that Snowhunter is probably the best fighter right now since she spawns with the highest Vitality (at spawn) and HP/Point and still has (if Firespark is correct on the damage values, which I suspect he is pretty close if not entirely accurate) the highest (3.9) melee damage modifier, matching the Votaries which spawn with less Vitality (and HP/Point) and more Survival. That being said, the Votaries are still a strong contender and generally end up with around 9-10k health (I have an Erii with 13k) depending on perks, plus there are reports of the Survival stat reducing poison arrow damage, tho I have never seen any conclusive proof/testing on this and it doesn’t match the wording on the stat itself.

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You’re remembering the annotation backwards. He said 2.92 and meant 3.92 meaning the berserker has the highest damage output in the game at the time of the video. That may have changed now, not sure because I haven’t been able to test it.


You are correct, my mistake.

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