Fews suggestions for a better real life experience in this game (decay timer, player list, event log)

For a better real life experience and more chance for solo players or little clans in PVP :

Remove the possibility to see the decay timer of others players buildings until it is decayed.
-> if you see 167H59 or a little less, the player is in in base or arround.
(See only decay timer of the current player building).

Remove the name and clan of online players in player list
-> to easy to find who is online and use it.
(See only online players of your clan and the total number of players).

And remove the event log for players
-> if you destroy buildings or steal from big clan, they see it and destroy you.
(keept it only for admins).

In real life, you do not know if someone is in his house or arround, you do not know who is present in your area and … you do not know who destroy or steal from you!!!

I think the game will be more interresting with theses changes :slight_smile:


I agree completely. I can say since the event log update many a war have been started by fish trap theft lol.

you no take Unappetizing Shellfish!

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WEll i like the logs because… At least i can say oh hey someone naughty… against server rules… so I catch it and report to admin with screenshot. but yeah a setting on there to allow admin only or player and admin can see logs. that a better way to do it… so that oh a server that a pvp only it would benefit alot but on a PVE you at least want to know if a player bent the rules an report action.

I don’t like people stealing from me but if someone steal from you than it shouldn’t be in the log event unless someone saw him her.

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@Mikey I have an unappetizing shellfish allergy hahaha!

But yes, PvE and even PvE-C you’re not constantly spying on your neighbor waiting for a reason to wipe them from the server lol. Mooching open resources is a good strategy as a starting point to build quickly, but now that you can see it our allied clan takes it as a war-able offense lol. I dont think anything should be logged unless you saw it or it was a clan member who did it.

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I’d tentatively agree. Tentatively because as an almost exclusively PVE player it doesn’t really impact me, and I can only guess at the impact such changes has on other rulesets.

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