Vacation timer, neighbors dissappearing

So once the official servers were wiped clean I moved to the new swamp area, had a few good neighbors who we hunted together, build bridges, captured thralls,etc. They especially build some huge buildings, one clan even build elevators that connected a long way to a giant tree base then to the other side of the mountain. However 5 days later they were all pretty much gone one by one. I don’t know if a update did it, the purge or they simply all of them stopped playing but it was a rather sad sight. So I am suggesting a vacation timer so that decay stop until you come back, it will only give you about at least 2 week protection before the normal timer begins and you can’t reactive until a month has passed. It would help a lot of people.


Similar thing happened to me on the starter area,

Had two guys build huge structures that took a lot of time and effort to put together. One of them likely was gone longer than the standard 144 hours of decay time we get, the other was gone half of that. All 3 of these huge structures are now gone.

Meanwhile the one guy came back in and now can no longer build where his base was as it’s saying the land is claimed by someone else. All the while his harem of dancers is floating about 30 feet in the air.

My new neighbors are thralls dancing 30 feet in the air.


Decay is meant to combat afk and vacation is afk per se. Your vacation protection are your clan members.
There are servers that remove your body once you disconnect, so you can keep all your items with you and nobody will be able to loot you. But base protection? thats too much to ask I guess :slight_smile:

That’s why I said that after you active your vacation time you can’t active it again for a month to avoid afk spamming because well this shouldn’t come as a surprise but people need breaks and sometimes travel for vacations.


Lets say I build a base blocking a legendary chest or an obelisk and then activate the vacation mode. How could you prevent these kind of possible abuses?

I would love a vacation mode… but personally I think it goes against the multiplayer survival experience. Clans are currently your vacation mode protection.

best solution is to simply increase the time to 10 days , most people could be offline for a week due vacation , adding 3 more days, will of course help. however to be able to do that , you need to have a base thgat has certain number of blocks /foundations/walls/doors added. (just to avoid land claim abuse)


Yeah to be honest, I understand how some people can abuse it but those people will always find a way. However I also feel they should helps those who might go away longer than a week for whatever personal reason but that want to keep their base. I know single player or private servers are a option but personally nothing is more exciting than the randomness of official servers. I always have fun exploring alone or with randoms. Just today another guy who built a major and nice base disappeared, his body is floating unconscious with his thralls around him, I really hope it’s not the purge…otherwise it definitely need major rework on difficulty depending on a lot of things.

Yes we need a paus on the decay system and / or a longer time till its gone.

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A 2 week decay timer would suffice. We’ve gone over this on several threads already but no change yet that I’m aware of.
The thrall thing has gotten annoying though. I see abandoned thralls everywhere now. I found a bearer thrall under water yesterday. Can only guess how it got there but it seemed content.


Yeah floating thralls can be quite weird but I lure a tiger to one of my now gone neighbor thrall squad and I managed to take 2 fighters, don’t want to know the damage it would have done if it was a purge. Thralls definitely need to have more health and damage against enemies npc. But yeah luring enemies at the moment can help clean up unless they are floating. Still sad seeing my neighbors go.

Thralls from the Volcano are the best you’ll find. Their hps are in the 3 -4k range.

So you just drag them all the way down from all the way up there?

yes, 2 weeks decay would be best, due decay timer our clan who have been playing since launch will NOT come back after summer vacations.

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Minimum 2 weeks i would say rather 3 cuz here are alot ppl they play single pvp (not in clan) and they go 2 week for vacation. Reset the timer should not be the last thing what i do before i fly in the hollidays and the first thing what i do when i come home.

i have a private server for the next 89 days at least :stuck_out_tongue: on xbox ‘House Targaryen’ Purge and pvp enabled. pve combat will be made easier and pvp combat more tedious (ie. damage to npc higher and lower vs other players so pvp is longer and more fun)

Xp gain is about ~2x
Harvest amount is 25x (cause i dont like to gather stone for 3 hours just to make one t3 foundation…)

Im admin and im not afraid of kicking players that spam foundation/pillars or other stuff to annoy other people:)

Raiding is fine but i still have to tweak it.

oh and most importantly,

When Holiday season begins the decay timer will be switched off (from 3rd of july till 25th of august). so nobody will lose their progress on a nice holiday on a beach somewhere!

(there will be admins during vacation as well).

Trading and co-operation is promoted raiding is enabled to actually have people think about their base design. Just dont steal stuff from new players under lvl 30 :stuck_out_tongue:

ofcourse if stuff is stolen just tell me and we will work something out.