Fighter thrall gets knocked out and stays on ground


PVP EU official bug

Melee thralls who are beeing kicked by the scorpion boss don´t get up again. They stay lying on the ground like beeing dead but they are nearly full health. You can access the inventory and all the options, but you cannot reposition them or let them follow correctly. This is in the main game atm. Maybe it´s only a visual bug…

  1. Melee thrall (Berzerker) placed on the ground for base defense on “attack all” fights scorpion boss
  2. Scorpion boss´ master attack (big tail swing) knockes the thrall off of his feet
  3. Thrall does not stand up and fight again.
  4. All functionality (behaviour wheels, inventory etc.) can be interacted with, but thrall does not move.
  5. Do the ice bucket challange on him!

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