Fighter Thralls Purging Themselves

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US Pvp Offical server 2736 xbox

Whilst out running errands, farming and such, my thrall randomly dies. No comments or events on the event log to verify what killed it. I just get notification that “Aphrodite was killed while following you.” Traced my steps to last time I verified seeing her, and I couldn’t find her body. It was a Dalinsia, lvl 20, max str heavy armor with Ajas Bane and 200+ gruel, outside of raid times. Nothing on the map could have killed her, she has 1v1’d Arena Champion 20+ times…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have thrall follow you.
  2. Go do non combat task.
  3. Get death notification.
  4. Contemplate uninstalling…
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Also, at same time, clan mate had a thrall disappear. When given command to move, “unable to move to this location” cant find thrall, when we track him hes no at location marker sits on map.

Hello @Jfilli, there’s an issue with follower teleportation that’s currently being looked into by the team, apologies for the frustration this has caused.

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