Fighter thralls refuse to attack or fight

I have maxed authority to use two thralls at the same time, however since the 3.0 update this appears to be a waste of ability points. My thralls are “following me” but they point blank refuse to attack anything.

I tell my thralls to attack, they just stand there.
I tell my thralls to move, they just stand there.
I get attacked, my thralls just stand there.
I attack, you guessed it, my thralls just stand there.
I move away from my thralls, guess what, they just stand there.

How is that the thralls, one of the unique aspects of this game, are always the first things to get messed up on updates. Everyone on my server (official server 6111 PVE) is have the same or similar issues. Is this just our server or is everyone else having this issue?


Greetings Yarddog68!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding your thralls.

Your issue has already been reported to our team, however we would like to request a couple more informations if you could please:
1 - Are you playing on a Private Server or an Official Server?
2 - If playing on a Private Servers, are you using Mods?
3 - The thralls that have this problem are new thralls or thralls that you had with you for a long time?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. I have same problems sometimes. Mostly when you max authority and while using 2 thralls. With one there is not so much issues. I tried clean save without mods (single player), same issue.

So it’s not a problem with mods (cuz there aren’t any). Also second thrall does not act like the first one. Both are named thralls. Also setup following destination applies only on first one (or at least feels like) while behaviour applies on both (At least in my case).

I also have the problem.
But there is a difference between the thralls. I think this is due to the weapons.
thrall with two-handed weapons attack, while thralls with shields are often bugged that they only run behind and no longer put away their weapons.

private server without mods.
new thralls were put up about 2 hours ago. also problem with thrall from yesterday/the day before.

Yeah, seen this problem with thralls on my server too, their pathing/AI seems even worse then ever now even though it seems their huge collisionbox around them are smaller since 3.0 they get caught in pixels and thin air all the time it seems.

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