Find original CD key that made the account

Is there somewhere you can locate the original CD key you made your account with back in 2008 other than the physical CD folder? I’ve long since misplaced or thrown it away.

I’m going to say Yes - Maybe - Depends.

CD keys have come up alot over on the Steam Titan Quest: Immortal Throne forum. Over there it’s all about having to enter the CD key in the programming; it asks for a key, but doesn’t give you the normal start up box to do it at - so you have to dig into the programming to manually enter it.

So if you follow their directions on where to insert the key, you might be able to reverse engineer it to see where it should be located in the AoC files.

Thing is, it would only work if you still have your original CD load in the computer. If you ever deleted and reloaded the game it wouldn’t be there.

Any special reason you want it? As long as you’re using the same account you had back when you first used the key, there really shouldn’t be any reason to need it. And I’m sure if the key already associated with an existing account, it can’t be used again.

There’s no way to view it. If you ask funcom for it, I’m sure their database has it.