Finish endgame content

Much of the volcano area is unfinished despite the game being past its 1.0 release and already receiving updates.

Chests inside the volcano still only provide the same random content as the nord & frozen regions despite the obvious difficulty leap. Even chests inside the portal are only providing the same the same as the rest of the north.
I see solo players build in the north areas from level 10.
Having access to steel and other things early so you can stock up till level 30 is one thing,
but not being adequately rewarded when you finally have the means to traverse the portal inside the volcano is a huge letdown.

Lizard creature inside the volcanoes portal region does not provide any form of resource when attempting to harvest it. Even after 8 swings with a hardened pickaxe and 4 from a hardened hatchet, nothing was gained and the body was still present. Also both pickaxe and hatchet lost a decent amount of durability for it, so it is clearly a planned feature just not implemented.
In the same area near a large grouping of these creature there is what appears to be nests with lizard like eggs, yet the eggs are not obtainable.

Humanoids without loot. This is probably my biggest annoyance as all of Conan exiles up to this point humanoids have given loot upon death in their inventory.
However once you get into the volcano area humanoids suddenly don’t give any loot except for what you hack from their dead body.
Then when you go into the portal region, a certain item that is supposed to be extremely rare (The Shinning Trapezohedron) instead of going all the way to fight the boss at the bottom, you can simply do the much easier faster fight at the top.

These are things you should have picked up during QA as they are all game breaking and realistically the game is not even worth being called 1.0 for another 6 months at least.

it is sad because your extreme lack of QA makes you look like a group of high school kids learning a mixture of computer skills with rich parents.
If you invested into a proper QA team and finished the damn game. You could prevent your company being lost with that space game that promised multiplayer but didn’t deliver.
You would also then generate enough money from media to pay back what you would have spent on all that QA.
Another fail for the industry however wont matter right? well WRONG.
Gamers are over companies that push out games without proper testing or story or just not finished.
So even if you sign up with a publisher. Remember their is no bigger or more important publisher than the gamer.

I think Funcom didnt QA this game. It was outsorced to some QA company so Funcom can focus on the developement…

…well, we can agree that the QA pass was very poor and hasty and that engame content is almost nonexistent. We have Volcano but mobs/boss is just a cake walk. No challenge at all… oh, wait! There is a challenge in the Volcano - bugged forge where you can get instant killed :slight_smile:

The message to Funcom is clear: next time do QA yourself. Yes it will cost you some resource but at least you will have full control over it. And buff/add more stuff to the Volcano + make the final fight in the Well of Skelos a challenge!

Thanks :slight_smile: