Fire helmet, sorting

I’d love to see a new helmet torch upgrade. For example it requires witchfire powder and other things to craft, you add the upgrade to your helmet and the helmet gives off light as a torch, and after a certain period of time it expires, allowing you to add another torch upgrade to your helmet. It would be even cooler to have animations, like the horns of your helmet light up with blue flames.

I’ve also been dying for a sort button. A button that will sort inventories. If you’re in a chest, your personal inventory etc, press this button to sort all items, so items of the same kind are places next to each other.


I do not like 1st idea, but I think 2nd exists. On top of inventory u can select to sort by weight (places heaviest 1st), name (which puts all things in alphabetical order),and custom which puts em in ur order… and can also cycle through those without custom being affected.

I think I would still prefer a sort button, to look in an inventory and press sort, and have the items sorted. The dropdown menu thing is set across all types of inventory. If you choose to sort by name, then all of your chests will be sorted by name. You can’t have 3 of them sorted in a custom way, and the rest sorted by name. Having a button to sort things makes it so you can sort a specific inventory without effecting others.

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