Fish Trap Error

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug/Performance/Other?
Server type: PvE
Region: NA
Hardware: Not entirely sure of model… it’s a PS4 that came with GTA V at least 10+ years ago

Bug Description:

I’ve seen quite a few people report the same problem, however the posts are kind of older and well before I have started experiencing the problem…
After the last update or the one before that, I have been unable to place fish traps. I keep getting the error saying it needs to be in water. I tested trying to place some down in single player, just to see if and where I could get them down to try to replicate it on the official server I’m on. I was able to get them down in a couple spots in single player, but still can’t replicate it on the server.

Expected Behavior:

I hope to get some help with being able to be able to put some fish traps down.

Steps to Reproduce:

This can be reproduced by just attempting to place fish traps… no matter where I try placing them, I get the error of needing them to be in water. I’ve tried deeper parts of the river, shallow, and practically not even in the water at all. I have had success having just the tip in/on the water on single player… but it won’t work on the official server.

So, I was just able to get a clear placement… like there were no errors while I was attempting to place the trap down. However I couldn’t actually place the trap down. Any help with either of these situations?
Thank you!

It’s been awhile since I played on PS4, but on PC, there’s a control while placing something to adjust its angle to the terrain. (I forget what it’s actually called, sorry.) Have you tried that? On my private (PC) server, one of my clanmates has some fish traps placed on the northern bank of the Noob River; they’re in pretty shallow water, and the majority of the trap is actually out of the water. I wasn’t there when he placed them though, so I don’t know if that was something he had to do.

Thank you TimeLord, I just actually got it to work… it wasn’t working with just aligning it to the terrain at first and like I said I was able to get it to show up without an error, but it still wouldn’t let me place it…
But! I was able to get it to work just now by lowering the height of the trap a little bit. That was the biggest thing that made it work. I was able to place 3 traps down successfully :smiley: They have to be placed basically completely out of the water… but yeah, lower the height if anyone else is struggling!

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