Fish trap placement in inland rivers

Hi Devs :slight_smile:

The fishtrap placement problem is still there. I build on the westside of the isle (D9) and nowhere is a pixel to place a trap. Even the foundation trick someone mentioned a week ago doesn´t work. Every time it says “have to be placed in water”
Sorry but…are you kidding me? A river is full of water! even the trap ist completly in the “water”
So please fix this :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a row of fish traps on the West bank of E 10. Went in really easy. It’s just topside of the waterfall.

It’s more of a shallow stream, really. I wouldn’t call it a river. :upside_down_face:

For me, fishtraps work best when placed in very shallow water, so that 80-90% of the trap is above the water level.

Another trick I discovered when I encountered the “have to be placed in water” message is to lower them into the ground in shallow water so that they are barely visible.

Tilt them, works wonders fam

@Glurin Even in a shallow stream you can find fish :wink:
And when I want to place the trap it is only 5% under water. And which stream is already so deep at such a width ^^

@Zool I have tried everything. Even sinking that trap slightly into the ground but it does not help. The same message always appears.

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Place them on the shore. That worked for me.

@Pugilist I don´t want to run half an hour to my traps. :wink:

@Rhiannon, my apologies for the confusion. I had meant the shore of the river.

It was one of those times where I knew exactly what I meant and did not communicate it well.

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@Pugilist I try that too. but it still doesn´t work.
i have no clue to place them near my home. so i have to place them far away till its been fixed

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