Fish Traps, you got them right the first time

So in real life, I am an outdoorsman for over 40 years… I hunt, and I fish.
I have made and used traps to catch fish just like the ones you show in your game.
In real life, fish traps do not need bait. In many cases the fish just swim inside looking for a place to hide.
Don’t get me wrong, bait helps and fish get caught sooner, but eventually small fish will sneak into a basket trap just looking for cover from predatory fish.
If anything, let the small blue piranha swim into an empty trap over a long period of time. That would at least mimic real life nature…

Just an expert opinion, Thank you


They got rid of fish traps, in order for you to fuel fish.

I dont see this, I see miles of fish traps have been replaced with rot boxes to get free grubs.

FUncom just stole from Peter to pay Paul.

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It’s all a conspiracy. The new fish traps are clearly working as intended and I promise to provide vast amounts of evidence as to why that is without ever actually providing any evidence. Fraud!

(Yes, that was a close to home joke…)

Jokes aside, I agree, even in terms of actual fishing this new method makes zero sense. Just do a quick google search of “fish trap” and you’ll see zero bait is required. :wink:

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The worst evil is not bait but fish decaying in those traps. IRL fish in such traps can live for hours or even days. I agree to put bait into them but I don’t want to spend time taking fish out one by one and transferring it into preservation box - or get nothing because all my fish decayed right in the river.


We have always used bait in unconventional fishing.

i dont know anything about fishing, but this mechanics were made to stop the excessive amount of ichor, oil and food farming.
They work as intended, pay attention to your traps and make the best use of it.

Fish doesn’t give Ichor anymore. And food never was a problem in CE. Just kill hyenas/dogs which attack you and be literally buried in Feral Flesh. After all you can put some Beehives and bathe in honey which is still generated passively. Fish Traps were reworked not to make our life harder. It was done to reduce server load because server had to handle their scripts constantly to generate Fish. Now server handles scripts for Fish Traps with bait or fish only. But now players put lots of Compost Heaps to get free bait, which is again generated passively, and server load increases not from Fish Traps but from Compost Heaps. At the same time before this patch I for example had 6 Fish Traps which gave me enough materials. Now I have 18 - just not to spend time in vain when dancing around them waiting for Fish. This increases server load as well. All it looks like some kind of Pyrrhic victory for Funcom.


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