Fist fighting werewolf at Jhebbal Sag dungeon

Ok, this one is hilarious, but still wanted to mention it here. :laughing:

Not really sure if this is meant to be in the game, but from time to time there is a situation, when surprised follower thrall on human enemy don’t have any time to prepare for fight, so when attacked, they use their fists instead of dragging a weapon and often have problems to switch to it.

Yesterday I was running Midnight Grove with three newbie players, excited to show them the final boss. So I ran at him, gave him one hit, and this glitch applied to him. From that moment the werewolf reacted only by heavy fist hand attacks and could not defend himself, did not do his special attacks, being staggered all the time. I was kinda hoping my friends would not notice, but then one of them said: ,The werewolf just gave me left hook", I totally lost it bursting in laughter.

They were like: That was the grande finale? :smiley: Not really sure what causes this, and if it is intended, but surely It should not include boss monsters like this.

Anyone also experiences this on any other creatures than humans?


Hard to say if its a bug or a feature (potentially an oversight).

I’ve seen it happen quite a few times, and usually the thrall is getting interrupted during their draw weapon animation. It happens against faster attacking enemies more often. So I’m not surprised that if the werewolf boss attacked the thrall first that they were not able to draw their weapon properly.

But yeah I’ve seen it against other NPCs too. Usually like I said, something that attacks them while drawing their weapon and never really letting up on them. Its annoying, but it doesn’t look like a glitch, just looks like your thrall being rolled around before they’re ready to fight.

Usually I can get the attention of the enemy so my follower can draw a weapon. The bug is when they don’t draw their weapon until they lose agro. Which is somewhat rare and hard to reproduce.

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I’m glad I finally read your post.

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