Fix bugs and actually improve gameplay

The game has huge potential but its full of bugs and issues. PvP or PvE - it does not matter, it’s bad in both cases. Meaningless Horse PvP meta filled with cheaters on official servers and abused by server owners on private. Meaningless PvE with no real challenge due to overpowered thralls and many other issues - it’s just boring grinder.

Steam charts of Conan Exiles shows 53k all time peak players… (Game made by big developement team)
Steam charts of similar game Valheim shows almost 500k all time peak players… (Started as 1 developer game)

Funcom please take notes of this, wake up! The game can still be great, fun and could be fixed…
It could be even bigger than Valheim, can net You a lot more money… Just stop focusing on DLC and useless content. Fix the game first, make it GREAT!

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