Fix my leaking roof

When it rains, if my tile is under a roof tile or another ceiling tile it should remain dry. I realise that it sounds stupid and only a small thing but please.


Sadly, while many of us likely agree (I know I do), it seems there are code reasons why this is a difficult change (more knowledgeable people have explained it, though I don’t pretend to understand the details…)

If mods are an option for you StraysStayDry may still be working (I believe it’s no longer maintained, but it’s supposed to be such a simple change that it should be hard to break) - it doesn’t actually stop it raining inside (you still see occasional drips), but it does eliminate the wetness effect indoors. Unfortunately, it does so by eliminating the wetness effect everywhere, so you no longer get the rain shine outdoors (which is why I stopped using it and now just avoid building anywhere that it rains…). No ideal solution, but maybe it works for you, while we wait and hope…

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