Fix the thralls

The thralls are absolutely broken in pvp. I had watched a lvl 18 with a stone sword kill my named fighter thrall [his name was sully] with ease. That was because most of the time sully was fighting with his weapon not drawn and his backed turned to the enemy. This isn’t a bug but just bad programming i love this game but cant stand that base defense are completely worthless with the health and armor sully had and the damage ive seen him do he should of whipped the player back and forth with ease instead sully freely took a ramming up his ■■■■ due to bad AI… please please god fix the thralls.


I just had the exact opposite occur. Two guys tried to jump me, and Denise (T1 Nord Fighter) absolutely murdered the LVL 17, and after I sliced, the other guy 16 ran with bleed and about 1/4 health. She was wearing cloth and using an iron war axe. She was set to follow. I have had great luck with the Nordheimers as bodyguards, and they help a lot solo.

Whoever is in charge of AI needs to get fired. The AI in this game is stupid as F.

It doesnt matter what class of fighter sully is T4 and should have been able to kick his ■■■ instead he just stood with his back turned and weapon sheathed

The AI is severely broken. When fighting mobs I’ve encountered many NPC’s that face away from me and swing into the air while I slash at their back.

Now, In regards to PvP…the Thralls take FOREVER to respond to an enemy threat, and even when they do they manage to screw it up. In no way should a stone armored individual be able to take down a well equiped tier 4 fighter.

An AI overhaul is really needed.


Yeah I don’t know why that happens. All I know is I got jumped by three the other day, and they inspected him and avoided him carefully, and my T2 never attacked. I shot him with a snake arrow and he got into it, a bit too late.

Based on this, and being a vanity cam proponent, I stutter-stepped as the enemies were daggering on me and they hit Denise instead. And then I circled, sliced the pie and it was all over.

Thralls are broken for sure.

Actually it does. Nordheimers tend to be stronger then any other race - they have more HP and it looks like they do more damage with the same weapon.

Thrall AI needs to be more responsive. It is baffling how normal AI, like Nordheimers for example, engage you in combat moment you see them while your Thralls stand still while enemy AI (purge for example) comes right next to them and whacks em with a sword and THEN only engages.

Thrall follower needs to be aggressive aswell. They need to engage the moment you hit the target. Not wait when you lose 1/4 of HP and then decide to help you.

Perhaps Thralls act differently in PvP, but for PvE and PvE Purge, thalls need to be look into asap.

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