Thralls not attacking

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: private server

I just did a test. My character was damaged by enemies. Three of my thralls were nearby, ran to aid, then stood there, not equipping weapons or attacking. They had melee weapons and the archer had bow and melee weapons. I have quite a lot of thralls nearby and a medium sized base.

Why has the AI for NPCs and thralls been dicked around with? The game experience is a lot less enjoyable and challenging with NPCs who no longer block with shields and stand around passive too much. What was changed? Does the game now run their AI routines less? If so, there must be better ways to improve performance than this, which reduces the viability of thralls and the challenge of NPCs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make 10 - 20 thralls
  2. Stand them nearby
  3. Lure an enemy into close range of thralls
  4. Get damaged in fight

We are aware and working on this.

Thank you. Also fix the thralls with no health issue. Every time I go to any of my bases after first logging in my thralls are hunched over with no health like I just placed them.

Also, please make the thralls protect property. All purges in July the thralls did nothing to protect my base.

For me my modded game my Thralls seem to be in a defense mode as they will only attack when they or i take hp damage from a traget though they will kill said target later on like normal.

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