Flag with radius of building

Why not use a flag to determine radius. This include all builds into one spot. Thrall wheels need to be built at that location as well. The only exception to the rules are maprooms with no decay timer that can be placed anywhere. Any thoughts?


I’m not opposed to it as long as it can be disabled on privates. I don’t like random public maprooms tho so I wouldn’t exempt them.


How many flags per player? How many flags per clan? How do flags interact with decay timers? Can you build outside the flag radius? If you can, what’s the difference between building inside and outside?

But the most important question is: why? What does this solve?


Legal landclaim spam with no way to remove them sounds like a bad idea.


You forgot to mention, what if someone floods their flagged area with known pieces to cause lag right next to someone else’s base just to grief them? Since they are, technically, within their flag are they not OK? Sure, they are causing huge strains in the server with their massive amounts of particle effects but so what, they are within their flag (just you know, snuggled right up to someone else’s flag to ensure their lag effects that other base as well).

So you see @Outcast3rd flags have flaws. Build piece limits have flaws. No matter what you chose to determine how you want to try to limit things, they have flaws. Does funcom’s method have flaws? Certainly. But why replace one flawed system with another equally flawed system, or a potentially even more flawed system that can lead to even more abuse. :woman_shrugging:

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good points, but if the flaws are the same no matter what FC does, then that shouldnt stop trying to minmize other singular flaws.

@Umborls said he was talking to the team about an idea where maprooms and perhaps other things like arenas or bridges, would be or could be designated as “public land”. So if that happens…

I wish we knew the current status of that idea… :wink:

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This is why I asked what problem this is supposed to solve. It all depends on how you define the scope and purpose of this change.

If the purpose is to completely eliminate the need for admin action in all cases of claim/building abuse, then this change does not fulfill that purpose.

If the purpose is to reduce the number of these cases by restricting the available area players can use to build, then the change would fulfill that purpose.

In any case, there’s room to discuss the pros and cons, and the tradeoffs, but I don’t see much sense in doing that if we don’t even know what problem the change is supposed to solve.


This outlines my issue with a lot of these types of threads, and I agree with CodeMage here: If the problem isn’t clear, then the solution can’t be discussed.


I suggested this idea long ago… few times.
I think alot of questions on “how many flags” and “how big”

simply require testing first… I gave numbers before, and some people took it as “fact of design” and hated it…

Clan, gets one Large Claim flag, so they can build there base, 4 to 5 med ones to hold good spots.

But I also suggested the flagged has to be guarded, you can’t just spam left over flags around map, since you’d also have to defend them from PVE/PVP encounters. Flags can’t be within1-2m of each other, forceing PVP thinking in defending. (Prevent blocking zones, and from Flags being Ste near no build zones)

They edited despawn range of foundations… which sorta helped, but people just spammed more blocks to try harder block stuff. XD

People still spam… some of those reports feel like they never go thru. (massive spider webs across map stay for months) But one guy with large base seems get taken down. (how much truth is in that, /shrugs)

Playing Fallout 76, which has CAMP system, which is mini land claim flag at heart. Be nice if got expanded on. LOVE idea of being able log into any server.
If no one is on that spot, it’ll place my Camp. Or I’ll get message It couldnt. Love and Hate Random Server. But its good to see other people builds and creations with out need of new characters.

I’d love for that to come to Conan Exiles. (not with free for all land claim) But with a Flag System.

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Perhaps we should let @Outcast3rd explain there points more obviously they were not done. Not meaning to be rude but we are becoming what we don’t like here again not aimed at anyone. I tend not make comments about things I either don’t know about or care about and this is one so nothing to say about posters ideas. :upside_down_face:


I agree. That’s why I asked my questions in the first place instead of assuming the answers to them :slight_smile:

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This is towards more to PVP:

One flag with a build radius and second radius to prevent build from either side. This way we dont have to worry about being blocked in.

Treb do not decay after server restart to help defense on bases and gods get removed because they one hit KO.

They can lag the base as much as they want because they are isolated to their own base no one else. In short they will feel lag everyday.

At least lag isolated to their location.

The base will contain everything a clan needs wheel, animal pen and anything they think they can build outside.

One mini flag for raid shack lol

I don’t get it. Being blocked in is an insurmountable problem on PVE(-C) servers, where you can’t destroy other people’s buildings. Why is being blocked in a problem on PVP servers?

That’s only client-side lag. You can lag the whole server with one base, depending on how you build. A claim flag wouldn’t prevent that on its own, although it could help reduce the scope of that problem.

Is that what your proposal is trying to solve? I’m still not sure what you’re trying to achieve, so it’s kinda hard to discuss it.

I actually like the flag as a setting for officials but I actually dont think it needs a radius. The same rules we have now apply but if its one flag per clan, it would restrict people to one base (maybe a good thing on officials). In order to build, you could need to plant a flag that could be destroyed. While we’re at it, I’d be for planting a flag on a flagless base to take over the landclaim and building and all it contains.

I do not like flag systems. They restricts building creativity. It makes hidden bases impossible and if you have the option to place down just one flag and somebody walles you in you are screwed. Thanks but no thanks!

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To add to @Winthor’s post, I believe that the flag system would create more problems than it would solve, especially on PVE/PVE-C servers where buildings are indestructible. On any server, though, if I found a sleeper, planted my flag, and then built a foundation wall around them with anticlimb, they’d be screwed. That’s not much different than the current system mind you, but with the “flag” system it’s now unofficially viewed as “rules compliant” because “it’s in my flag radius, so it’s fine”

As @CodeMage says, it wouldn’t solve any lag issues, and, as @Sera67 states, a flag system won’t stop spam. It just adds an extra step.

It is because of these reasons that I am not a fan of the flag system as of this time.

They pretty much are for veteran scouts.

7 days have similar system, to OP proposal
in 7 days you can not only build anywhere, but also demolish every piece of land and structure, be it player built or part of the map, you can also dig, excavate and undermine things, so imagine possible chaos
to the point, each player have one landclaim block with fixed radius, 41 cubic meters if I remember defaults correctly
and it is only where his building activates are solid, meaning
it is much harder for other players to demolish whatever is inside, while pretty easy to level what is not
anything built outside landclaim block will decay within set amount of time with no option to refresh, anything inside will last for another set amount of time before it will start decaying

will those work for CE? I don’t know, just giving working example


Usually it will lag the server if that area is b

The problem is the tos would make it difficult to make base big enough to prevent having a base being blocked in before a raid occurs. Usually a wall can surround your base before raid and will prevent you and limit you to pvp efficently. It is basically tieing the hands of defenders compare to attack. This will make it even play field.

You are correct it will still be server lag if there are players around that area but cut down the lag from having multiple bases on pvp. The amount of server lag would decrease from the amount of builds on the map. Note: buildings or objects are only render if players are in the area so lag will vary.

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