Flagged for the truth

Each update seems to try and fix what they broke in the previous update.
There are no apologies or explaining of incompetence.
Updates should be to fix the game , not change how it works or add more stuff that neither adds better game play and as usual doesnt work propery.
I voiced my opinions on the continued lack of the god avatars in a post and was flagged.
It was not offensive , it seems the moderators just dont like the truth.

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dood i got flagged for typing “fireshart” …here comes the gestapo. just cause youre paranoid doesnt mean theyre not out to get you.

I’m not the one who flagged you, but I’d put actual physical money on the reason why. If you’d made even a slight effort at being civil things might have gone different, but people don’t tend to flock to your side when the first words out of your mouth are insults and calls for people to be fired.


Nobody likes the truth when it stings. I’ve been flagged many times since I’ve joined these forums for speaking my mind about the bugs, glitches, and performance issues…which still persist nearly two years after official release.

Everyone can do it, but there are no repercussions when it’s abused by users or moderators. If a post doesn’t break guidelines and is flagged, the one doing the flagging should be reprimanded by losing their ability to flag. But often posts will be flagged simply because someone doesn’t like what it says. In the end, it’s just annoying and childish.

Agreed. If used well, the flagging system can be a great help for moderators in keeping the forums clean, but the way it currently works it feels like some people are using it to “downvote” some posts that don’t break the forum rules or guidelines. In an ideal world, the flagging wouldn’t automatically hide the posts, but repeated flagging would send an increasingly urgent signal to forum moderation to check out the situation. This would require active, 24/7 moderation on the forums to be effective, though. And yes, misusing the flagging tool should carry a penalty.

Moderating can be a tough, thankless job, and most moderators across all forums are volunteers who don’t even get paid. Some moderators are not native English-speakers, and neither are many regular users, so miscommunications and misunderstandings are bound to happen. Moderators are human too, even if some of them may resemble demons from the Outer Dark, and so mistakes can happen. Heck, on one forum I frequent I once got a warning from a moderator who “wasn’t sure if he understood my post correctly, but gave me a warning just in case it was offensive”. My fault for using big words in long sentences, I’m afraid. Things like that shouldn’t happen, but they do, unfortunately.

That said, when our posts get flagged, sometimes the fault is in ourselves. Did we phrase our thoughts in an unnecessarily harsh manner? Honesty is a virtue, but it should not be wielded as a blunt weapon. It’s easy to get emotional about a game into which we have invested as much of our time as we have, so when something bothers us, it’s a natural reaction to reach out to the developers. Unfortunately, emotion is a poor advisor when it comes to formulating our thoughts into text form. That’s why, if I ever feel agitated about a particular topic (or conversation partner) I force myself to sleep over it before writing a reply. I know that sometimes, even when I’m right, the way I’m about to say what I have to say is not going to help my cause.

It’s our responsibility to follow the forum terms of conduct. It’s the moderators’ responsibility to make sure that when those lines are crossed, the right people are punished for the right crime by the right amount of spanking.

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Some are super sensitive, One of my post got flagged by a mod and unlisted, I asked what the issue was, no answer…

Mods should be neutral and have lived for awhile to even be mods.

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