Fletchers (T4 carpenters) making vanilla items, plus misc

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Fletchers, a T4 variant of the new carpenter crafting thralls, do not even make the old variants of exceptional items. Here is an example.

Old Hyrkanian bow:

Exceptional = 12 damage
Flawless = 13 damage

Current vanilla bow, as the tooltip appears on screen without any crafting bonus lists 11 damage.

Current Hyrkanian bow crafted with Hakka Sixfingers, a T4 Fletcher:

11 damage, 9 armor pen.

I think this is an oversight. According to the wiki, the fletcher gives a 10% damage boost. Well, that should still give 12 damage, an increase of +1, not just the default of 11 damage which is the base damage for the weapon without crafting it with a thrall.

The fletchers don’t even give the equivalent of the old exceptional item. :slightly_frowning_face:

They basically make vanilla items. I don’t think they are balanced. Or maybe they are missing the proper data fields… Not sure what to make of this.

Carpenters seem to have been adversely affected by the crafting changes. Before, even the exceptional DLC bows (regular kind, not level 60 version), were impacted by exceptional or flawless values where you could notice a difference. They were never that impressive however, to benefit from a granular system. (Less on the low end, but more on the high end.)

Carpenters need another balance pass… Because let’s face it, you guys were never big on bows. And this update has wrecked that fine line the game used to walk regarding crafting upgrades.

(As an aside,
Grandmaster weapon damage kits applied to a melee weapon reset the damage to a flat, fixed value. In Siptah, I could not get higher than 61 damage on my legendary one handed axes whether I used a T3 blacksmith or no blacksmith at all. (Any researched alternatives.) The kit “resets” the weapon value to a 61 when applied. Bonus damage from a thrall crafter was not additive.

Grandmaster feats should not negate the benefit of having crafting thralls.)

Another aside,
Resource production:

Tanner tables, do not have an upgraded equivalent so it now costs 25% more materials to produce items as before, using the same setup. Since the material reduction was moved from the thrall to the crafting table. Well… there is only one version of the tanner table. Enjoy 5 oil hardened leather and 2 gossamer silk. I think they should give a reduction in costs if you put a thrall in them, as in the old system.

It was only separated from the improved crafting stations to help players navigate inventory management a little better, anyway. Which is much appreciated by the way! But the increase in costs is really painful to deal with and it seems like another oversight.

The oil is a grindfest, but the 2 gossamer = 1 silk is just punishing - unless you are playing on Siptah and silk is everywhere. We don’t have those vault chests in the Exiled lands to get silk by the hundreds.

Also, I don’t want to farm with a sickle for hours to afford a level 60 set. Waiting for that new patch where you can get oil from a T3 alchemist. All this pain stems from not having properly set the Tanners table, however.

There is still no fix for the 2 gossamer = 1 silk. It’s not good to increase the grinding. The system does not keep pace with the purge timers anymore. There is so much turnover.


The footsteps sound does not play when you have a rope equipped and nothing in the off hand. When you are dragging a captured thrall around and you just come out of water for example, and the game puts away your weapon or tool automatically, you run without making any sound. You take the weapon out, and you have sound again.

Even not dragging a captive around just having the rope wielded, causes the game to cut out your character’s environmental audio.


You cannot cover a wedge with fence foundations because the edges forming the point count themselves as “in the way” and you can only choose one side of the three wedge faces to put a foundation fence on.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Apply “Hakka Sixfingers”, a T4 carpenter fletcher to the Improved Carpenter Bench.
  2. Locate “Hyrkanian Bow”
  3. Craft the weapon.
  4. There is no weapon damage difference if you had crafted it yourself. Weapon still lists 11 damage. Old exceptional was an increase of +1. Flawless an increase of +2. The 0.5 to 1.0 armor penetration value is so negligible I am omitting it on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Possibly test with T3 carpenter. See if it gives 12 damage instead of 11. The system has been good at retaining old values for weapons and armor, which is indeed more granular, which is nice. The other bugs are easy to reproduce but I’ll list them here.

  1. Equip capture item (any rope).
  2. Walk around with rope and nothing else (no weapon). Footsteps audio turns off.
  3. Wield an item and the rope. You get footsteps audio again.

  1. Build Sandstone Wedge foundation.
  2. Apply Sandstone Fence foundation to every side.
  3. You can only cover one face of the wedge, not two faces covering an edge. The Fence will say, there is an overlapping item, even though the other fence is on the other side.

Sorry, I meant 5 oil hardened leather. (Edit)

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